My Week in Food

I don’t have many outfit or book posts to share this week, as I’ve been doing lots of shifts at my seasonal job (which unfortunately has a set uniform – boooo!). A few people have asked questions about what I eat on Low Carb High Fat, so I thought I would share a typical week’s food.

This is not a “Diet” post – I am eating this way following recommendations from my doctor to help me manage my medical conditions, not to lose weight. I have lost weight, but that was not my overall aim.


I’ve never really been into breakfast – I take most of my medication in the morning, so I can usually only face coffee first thing.

If I am feeling hungry I will have a boiled egg, a few slices of cheese, some full fat natural yoghurt – sometimes with a handful of berries, or just some bullet proof coffee/ coffee with cream.


I tend to have my first meal of the day around 12-2pm. This is a combination of cheeses, meats and low carb veggies. My favourite dressing is full fat mayo with a dollop of English mustard stirred into it.

Depending on how many carbs I’m planning to add to my main meal, I might have higher carb fruit with my lunch – this could be a handful of grapes, some figs or a bigger serving of veggies.


My evening meal is always the largest meal of the day, and where I eat most of my carbs. I love broccoli, asparagus and green beans.

I have a rotation of several meals I alternate throughout the week – Chicken and Pepper Kebab’s, Fried Halloumi, Omelette, Burgers and Coleslaw and my husband’s favourite – breakfast for dinner.

Breakfast for dinner is essentially a full English without the carbs – No beans, toast, or potatoes. I sometimes just have the eggs and bacon with some avocado. Yum.

LCHF is all about eating the fat to stay satisfied, so we add cream in sauces and drinks, lavish butter on veggies and cook using lard.

For a sweet treat I will have some natural yogurt, a few berries or some dark (85%) chocolate. I can honestly say I’m not missing bread or potatoes.

I have Vasculitis, which is characterised by extreme exhaustion, and I have noticed an improvement in my energy levels. My husband has just been diagnosed with Diabetes, so he has been advised to cut all carbs and he has noticed a marked improvement in his symptoms and weightloss in just a few weeks. The big test will be his next blood test…


Stephani Xx

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