Helix & Rook Piercings

It’s been 2 years since I got my tragus piercing, and 3 years since I had my scaffold piercing, so I decided to celebrate with more piercings.

I’ve been looking at some really beautiful ear jewellery on Pinterest and it made me want more… baaad Pinterest.

I went to New Skin Tattoo in Craig Y Don, which is where I got my last 3 piercings.

I originally wanted the Daith and Forward Helix pierced, but the placement of my tragus and narrowness of my forward helix, meant that the rook and outer helix were more suitable.

Before Pics! Sorry they’re no makeup pictures I took a few days ago – the picture of my ear I took for this post came out a bit blurry- I was a tad nervous.

Val at New Skin is a great piercer (piercist?) – she pierces by hand rather than with a gun, and doesn’t use an anaesthetic, but guides your breathing through the process, to ensure you are as relaxed as possible, and it’s over quickly. She also did the two helix piercings simultaneously, so it wasn’t as painful.

In terms of pain, the rook wasn’t as bad as I expected – I had assumed the helix piercings were going to be first, so I wasn’t expecting the pain to be in the middle of my ear. It was quite intense, but it was over very quickly. Personally, I think the worst bit is when they put the earring in.

After the rook I hardly felt the helix’s, and they were done at the same time so it was super fast.

I took these photos straight after leaving the tattoo studio – I was really happy. My ear was a bit red, and the bottom rook was bleeding a little bit, but it was already coagulating.

After the piercings I went to get a sugary coffee. When I got home my ear was quite swollen, and red, and had started to throb.

Here you can see that the bleeding has stopped and the blood is drying. Val provided me with two bottles of saline solution, and told me to spray the piercings once a day for three weeks. She told me not to disturb the piercings.

I purposefully had the piercings on the side I don’t sleep on, because I learnt from the scaffold that it hurts like a biatch.

When I woke up this morning the studs had moved, so I must have tried to turn over in my sleep. I left them where they are, and cleaned them with the spray.

My ear is quite swollen, and there is a lot of dried blood around the sites, but that’s normal. My ear is still very tender, and bruising from the needles is starting to come through.

I will post an update on how they are healing in a few weeks. If you have any questions please leave a comment.



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