How to Fix a Broken Highlighter/ Eyeshadow 

My lovely best friend sent me the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Skin Twinkle palette, but when I opened it the first highlighter was broken. 

I was devastated, but I decided to have a go at fixing it. 

This picture was taken before I took the plastic protector off – as you can see, the powder underneath is crushed and has gone everywhere.

Before doing anything else, I used a small spoon to crush the remaining pieces into powder – this means the highlighter should set smoothly.  It is a horrible thing to do, I felt like I was killing a unicorn or something, but it has to be done. 

I then added a big dollop of hand santitiser to the powder – this is a lot thicker than the rubbing alcohol people usually use, so I needed about a tablespoon worth.  

Once it was all mixed up it looked like this… cute, right? 

I didn’t have any paper towels so I used a makeup wipe and dried it with my hairdryer first. The material needs to be dry so that it doesn’t stick to the highlighter goop. To press the highlighter into shape I used a square pencil sharpener wrapped in the wipe. 

I pressed down firmly, alternating the position of the sharpener to ensure that the product was evenly distributed. 

Ta da! The palette after being cleaned up; it doesn’t look perfect, but it’s usable and I’m confident it can be used on the go without spilling everywhere.  

Have you tried this technique for fixing broken makeup? Let me know in the comments.


Stephani Xx


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