Edited Self-esteem

This post is about 2 things – firstly a bit of a rant about edited Selfies, and secondly an update on my autoimmune issues. 

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick to death of seeing selfies that have beed edited in my social media feeds. You know the ones I mean, when someone has used Z-Photo or Snapchat or some other app to smooth out their skin, make eyes bigger, lips poutier, noses smaller… just generally make themselves look completely different. 

I know that in magazines and advertisements these changes sometimes need to be made, but not in personal pictures. It’s got to the point where people are no longer recognisable in their own photos. So what if your nose is slightly bigger than the “ideal”? It’s your nose, and it’s what makes you beautiful and unique. 

Maybe I should be more tolerant, and accept that people have the right to do whatever they want with their pictures, but here’s where I come to my second issue.

I have an autoimmune disease. 

The most recent lovely symptom has been an intermittent rash on my face. This rash is bright red/purple, blotchy and takes weeks to go. It’s also painful, so I have taken to not wearing any makeup other than eyemakeup and lipstick.  

I love makeup, and think it is a brilliant way to express your personality in creative ways. It’s also really good at hiding blemishes, but that’s not how I’m using it. 

I have taken a series of pictures today – some using my front camera, which automatically smoothes your face and others with the main camera. 

I used to moan about my skin, that it was greasy and I’d get the occasional spot, blackhead, but now I am realising how lucky I was. 

Please, please stop editing selfies.  


3 thoughts on “Edited Self-esteem

  1. You’re right, sometimes photos are edited so much to point that you can’t even recognize who’s in the photo. Even models don’t look like their photos, it’s all superficial. I think taking photos without much editing shows just how normal most people actually are.

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