Spill Zone by Scott Westerfeld & Alex Puvilland

I pre-ordered Spill Zone after seeing @BooksandQuills mention it in a Youtube video. I have been trying to read more graphic novels, but I’m really fussy about buying them. I want graphic novels that are beautiful, intricate and have had a lot of work put into each frame. As well as a brilliant storyline, obviously. 

Spill Zone seemed to tick all the boxes; the pages I saw in advance were full of colour and interest, and the plot seemed to involve zombies, so I was really excited about this book. 

From the blurb: 

Nobody’s ever really explained the Spill. Was it an angelic visitation? A nanotech accident? A porthole opening from another world? Whatever it was, no one’s allowed in the Spill Zone these days except government scientists and hazmat teams. But a few intrepid explorers know how to sneak through the patrols and steer clear of the dangers inside the Zone. Addison Merrick is one such explorer, dedicated to finding out what happened that night, and to unraveling the events that took her parents and left her little sister mute and disconnected from the world.

Addison was at a party with other high school students, drinking and having fun when life in her small town went to hell two years ago. 

Addison’s parents were both medical professionals, so they were caught at ground zero. Lexa, Addison’s younger sister,  was on a school bus that managed to make it out of the town limits, but hasn’t been quite right since then… 

The town has now been cordoned off and quarantined. U.S. Army personnel patrol the borders, preventing any outside agencies from being able to find out what really happened to the people of Po’town. 

In order to provide for her sister, Addison has been sneaking into the Spill Zone; she rides her motorbike into the quarantine area, and takes pictures of the curiosities that remain, selling them to the highest bidder. 

Addison has been able to survive by sticking to 7 important rules:

  1. Never take pictures of the dead.
  2. Don’t stare at the lights in the storm drains.
  3. Stay away from the factories.
  4. Don’t listen to cats’ cries too closely.
  5. Don’t mess with the Zone’s little projects.
  6. Never, ever get off the bike. 
  7. When the Spill gets all photogenic on you; get the f*cking shot. 

Until the day she breaks every rule, including the most important one. The rule that didn’t need to be spoken aloud. Never, ever, go inside any of the buildings. 

This book was amazing! The artwork is beautiful, the content is twisted, scary and wryly funny. 

I still don’t know if Lexa’s creepy doll Vespertine is alive, or Lexa is crazy.. 

This is book one in a series, so it leaves you hanging, but it is worth it. I can’t wait for the next book! 5🌟 on Goodreads.




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