Is it worth buying Irregular Choice Sole Protectors? 

Hello, my name is Stephani and I am a shoe addict. It’s been 19 days since I bought my last pair of shoes (a pair of sassy navy polka dot Mary Jane’s – the same pair Lou Clark wears in Me Before You, thanks for asking). 

My favourite brand of shoes is Irregular Choice, without a doubt, but sometimes I feel guilty for actually wearing them. The soles are so pretty – depending on where I’m wearing them, the beautiful patterns on the bottom are usually wrecked after one outing.

Recently IC started selling Sole Protectors on their website for £3.50 a pair; the adhesive plastic can be cut to size, and has additional grip. I usually only wear my IC shoes once I get to where I’m going, (unless it’s a full day event, like a wedding), so I don’t usually bother, but at the end of last year I bought the Gus & Lucifer flats (which were £60 in the sale on Schuh’s website!). 

As these are flat shoes I obviously planned on wearing them for pottering around, doing chores and short shopping trips. I’d put off wearing them outside, as I was worried they’d get wrecked, so I bought the sole protectors around January, to test them out. The weather has been a bit crazy, so I haven’t worn them outside until last weekend. 

I went for a lovely stroll and a coffee with my husband, and everything seemed to be going fine until I lifted my feet up to take a picture of my shoes (I’m obsessed I know) and I noticed that the plastic had started to slide away. I adjusted the protector and then carried on.  Also, I know they look super hot with socks, but I’m still wearing them in… okay?

I walked about a hundred yards to the pier and noticed that the protector had moved again. I eventually had to stop and take the protector off because it wouldn’t stay put. 

I was left with a sticky, dirty mess. It was really uncomfortable to walk, because stones kept sticking to the sole of my shoe, and would then dig in. I think I would have been better off not bothering with the protector. 

Full disclosure – I will also point out that this shoe was covered with multiple pieces* of the protector, not one whole piece. This may have contributed to the protector moving. 

Overall I think the protectors are definitely worth while if you’re going to wear your IC shoes to the office, weddings or other special occasions, but they aren’t really suitable for heavy walking.  The protector on my right shoe lasted about 5,000 steps before it came off. I generally walk between 10-16,000 steps a day. 

Let me know if you’ve tried sole protectors in the comments below.


Stephani Xxx

*These were left over from protecting my R2D2 heels.

5 thoughts on “Is it worth buying Irregular Choice Sole Protectors? 

  1. I really love this brand of shoes but just bought my first pair recently for a ball coming up and my graduation. I love the soles but at the end of the day they’re made to be worn so I’ll wear them. I wear the heels so you can still see the pattern meaning i’m ok with ruining and scratching up the balls of it.

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  2. I’ve bought multiple IC sole protectors and all of them did exactly thay in less than 5000 steps. I only buy Madame Crystal sole protectors now! They’re amazing, don’t slide off and peeled off easy leaving no mark on the shoe

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