Dyeing my Husband’s Hair Blue

It’s no secret that I am a bit of a beauty enthusiast. I also like to save money where I can, so when I was a student, and later just starting out in my career, I would dye my own hair. 

I graduated from the generic 30 minute box-dyes to highlights, ombres and even more vibrant shades that meant I had to pre-lighten my hair. I’ve been blonde, brunette, a red-head, and unfortunately even dyed my hair bright orange & green, when I went from blonde-to black- back to blonde in the space of a weekend. Yeah, that didn’t work. It took 6 visits to a colour correctionist to get it back to a more conventional shade. And it cost a fortune. To be honest, I’m surprised my hair didn’t fall out.

So when my husband came to me this morning and said he wanted me to dye his hair blue, I was a bit… worried. 

Apart from an unsuccessful attempt to lighten his hair in the late 90’s, his hair has been untouched.  Craig’s hair is so thick and glossy, to be honest I am really jealous. I tried to explain that to get it vibrant blue it would need to be bleached first, and that THIS IS BAD FOR HAIR, but he remained unconcerned. 

This was all before my first cup of coffee, and his first suggestion was bright red hair (we watched IT a few nights ago) so I was a bit grouchy and unsupportive. 

After I was sufficiently caffeinated we went out and raided the local Superdrug for supplies – once I confirmed (for the 19th time) that he was sure he really, really, wanted to do this. He then suggested it would be a great topic for a blog post, so I thought Okay.  Why not. 

I took a nice before picture, of Craig’s natural hair. He decided to pull a daft face. I warned him that this was going on my blog. ☺

We went with the Schwartzkopf Live Intense Lightener, Live Ultra Brights(or Pastel) in Electric Blue and Live Intense Colour in Cosmic Blue. These were £5.49 each. After much deliberation, Craig decided that he wanted one bold blue section on the left side of his head, and the rest to be a blue-black shade. 

I mixed the contents of the Intense Lightener pack – the powder sachet was a bloody pain in the backside. It went everywhere. I would suggest tapping the powder to one side of the packet before cutting it open, so that it’s easier to pour into the applicator bottle. 

Craig has a lot of hair, but it’s relatively short (compared to mine), so I used one of my headbands to contain the majority his hair. Also, it looked hilarious. I couldn’t find my teasing comb, so I freehanded the swoop for the bleach section. I would not recommend this – but I was not planning on doing this when I got up this morning, so I worked with what I had to hand. 

I also warned Craig that since this was his first bleaching experience, it would sting a bit. If it started to feel like his head was burning he needed to let me know, but otherwise he’d have to man up. 

Craig’s hair is light brown, so I left the bleach on for 45 minutes to lift the colour as much as possible. This left him with what I like to call “80’s Pop Star Hair”.

I didn’t use the conditioner included in the pack, because I wanted his hair to absorb as much of the blue creme colour as possible. Once Craig’s hair was fully rinsed and dry, I applied the Blue Ultra Brights Creme to the bleached section with a small brush, to ensure that the colour fully coated the strands. This colour can be resealed and kept for up to 3 years. Which is good, because I hardly used any of it on such a small section.  

I then mixed the Cosmic Blue dye, and applied this to the rest of the hair.  This was really messy – it got onto my hands through the gloves somehow, and left stains around Craig’s hairline. 

I left both colours to develop for 30 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly, and then washing with colour care shampoo and the included intense conditioner. The hair that had been bleached felt very dry, so I left the conditioner on for the full 2 minutes. 

Craig was really happy with the final result- I’m surprised at how much it suits him!

Have you ever dyed a loved one’s hair? Let me know in the comments below.


Stephani Xxx


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