The Final Girls

Friday night’s  (and usually Saturday night’s) are horror movie nights in my house. Sometimes it’s a good horror, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s bad/good.  Tonight’s horror movie was exceptional.  

The Final Girls starring Taissa Farmiga and Nina Dobrev is a horror comedy. Farmiga plays Max, a girl whose mom died in a car crash 3 years ago. On the anniversary of her death Max goes to a screening of her mom’s best known film Camp Bloodbath; she played Nancy, a shy girl who is killed with a machete, by a Jason Vorhees type character, in a slasher movie. 

Oh my God! Why am I colour-blind? Am I having a stroke?!

During the movie, a fire breaks out, causing Max and her friends to escape through the screen… and they somehow end up in the movie. They know what’s going to happen, so they just have to stick with the Final Girl, the one who defeats the killer, until the end of the movie. Except it’s not that simple.

This film is funny, scary, touching, sad, and did I mention funny? Nina Dobrev is hilarious as the mean girl, and the dorky brother character has all the best lines. 

Time for a quick selfie!

The film has all the 80s slasher clichés including flashbacks, montages, slow motion and random nudity. It plays up to your expectations of a slasher movie but in a completely unexpected way. It’s also beautifully shot.

Wait… that’s not corn syrup!

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the film:

  •  If this is a dream, then there’s a very strong chance that my dad’s gonna come up to us naked and offer us some pecan pie. But don’t take any. It is not pecan pie!
  • They won’t be singing Kumbaya… they’ll be screaming Kumba-no!
  • I can’t believe we’re just gonna casually watch someone get murdered. What is this, Detroit?
  • Gay guys can’t have kids! They’re too busy going to discos and having sex with each other. It’s actually a pretty cool lifestyle.
  • Gertie, I’m sorry for that time in junior high when I told everyone to start calling you Ba-Chunk-a-Dunk, and then I covered your locker in bacon. That was so crappy and I’m so sorry! I’m such a bad person.
  • I’m the mean girl in the 80s horror movie and we’re past the midpoint, so, you know, I’d say that I’d overstayed my welcome.

Watch it. I can’t  believe I hadn’t heard about this film, I’m so glad it was suggested on Netflix, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel.The sequel is so much cooler than the original!


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