Irregular Choice Cinderella, Gus and Lucifer Shoes

I love the January sales! It is the perfect time to pick up the pricey items you’ve had you’re eye on, sometimes at less than half the original price!

I am a bit obsessed with Irregular Choice shoes, but the latest collections have been both extremely expensive and difficult to get hold of. 

I really wanted about 4 of the pairs from the Cinderella collection, but could only afford 1.. I chose the rose gold sparkly heels (obvs ), but I did die a little bit inside. I just couldn’t justify paying £115 for a pair of flats. 

Luckily, the pair I was most excited about, the Gus and Lucifer flats were in the Schuh sale, reduced to £69.99. 

The shoes arrived really quickly, especially considering this is the Christmas period. 

The character faces are so cute! They are made of felt, suede and shiny metallic fabric. Gus has a bobble nose, and a shiny hat. Lucifer has a fluffy face and plastic whiskers. 

The shoe uppers are made of a hairy fabric, with gold glittery polka dots, and gold trim. 

The heels are suede, with gold trim and the character names embroidered in gold thread. 

The block heel is about half an inch, and covered in chunky multicoloured glitter. 

The soles have beautiful pictures from the animated film, featuring Cinderella’s carriage and the Fairy Godmother. 

I probably won’t bother with sole protectors for this pair, but I have got some for the heels.  The pictures are exactly the same, and the soles are incredibly slippy as it is. This pair is more for general wear, so I don’t mind if they get a little bit battered. Okay that’s a lie, but it will be bearable. 

These shoes are a lot more glitzy than they look in the pictures. They are also very stiff! I’m currently wearing them with a thick pair of socks, trying to wear them in and soften them a bit.

What did you pick up in the sales? Let me know in the comments.


Stephani Xxx 



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