Book Unhauling

 I don’t know about you, but I get very attached to books. Even when they’re not very good I keep hold of them, lest they fall into the hands of someone disrespectful. I don’t fold pages down. I never EVER mark a book. I will rarely place a book down with the leaves open, and only then if I can’t find my bookmark or a suitable makeshift bookmark (A.K.A. post-its, train tickets, receipts, clothes tags, a pen, a lipstick, once I even used a chocolate bar). 

The problem with this is that my bookcases are full to the brim, and my lofty plan to save up to replace all of my shelves (which I’ve had since university for the most part) with new white Ikea shelves has not happened. At all. I spent it all on shoes and books, okay? So I have had, until recently, piles of books on: 

  • my library floor
  • my bedroom floor
  • the hallway floor
  • on top of cabinets
  • on the dining table, and 
  • just about anywhere they can be stacked. 

This weekend I decided enough was enough, and I selected about 40 books I know I will never read again. In the pile were quite a few Louise Bagshawe books. Growing up I was always into horror, SciFi and fantasy, so I didn’t really take to chick-lit until my mid twenties. I have become a lot more discerning since then, and so a lot of the books I’m bidding adieu are chick-lit. 

I found myself getting a bit upset, as I neatly piled the books into Bags 4 Life for the charity shop. I don’t know if it’s because some of the books I bought on my honeymoon, or on particular holidays, or if it’s just that I know that at some point I will have a sudden overwhelming desire to re-read one or all of the books I’m giving away, and will repurchase them.

When I left for University my mum made me either take all my books with me, or get rid of them. As a lifelong bookworm I must have had at least 500 books. I remember being outraged as I packed up my Sweet Valley Universities, Point Horrors and various other teenagery books, to go off to the local oxfam. I was looking for a series my best friend from secondary school and I loved to read (Sweet Goodbyes – about Hope House, a hospice for kids with serious illnesses) and someone is selling them for £125!!! Each ! 

I wonder if in ten years time I’ll be kicking myself for getting rid of my Karen Swan and Louise Bagshawes.  Yeah, probably not. 

What book did it break your heart to part with? Do you re-read books or do you only read them once? Let me know in the comments below. 


Stephani Xxx 


One thought on “Book Unhauling

  1. Personally I absolutely hate keeping books. I don’t like ANYTHING that causes me to do more work when it comes to dusting (I’m so lazy). BUT, I know how you feel. My mom had put my childhood books in a garage sale once because I told her I was ready to let them go but within minutes of them being set out there I flipped and rushed out to bring them back inside. It’s been about 15 years since then and I still have them! It’s hard to let go of things you love. But good for you for letting go of some!

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