Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo  (A Grisha Novel)

“Crows.. remember the people who feed them, who are kind to them. And the people who wrong them too.”

This is the sequel to Six of Crows, so if you haven’t read that book you can read my review here.
From the blurb:

Kaz Brekker and his crew have just pulled off a heist so daring even they didn’t think they’d survive. But instead of divvying up a fat reward, they’re right back to fighting for their lives. Double-crossed and left crippled by the kidnapping of a valuable team member, the crew is low on resources, allies, and hope. As powerful forces from around the world descend on Ketterdam to root out the secrets of the dangerous drug known as jurda parem, old rivals and new enemies emerge to challenge Kaz’s cunning and test the team’s fragile loyalties. A war will be waged on the city’s dark and twisting streets―a battle for revenge and redemption that will decide the fate of magic in the Grisha world.

At the end of Six of Crows Kaz had been betrayed by Jan Van Eck – they managed to rescue the guy who had created Jurda Parem, but Van Eck refused to pay the promised 30 million Kruge fee and also kidnapped Kaz’s beloved Wraith.  

A lot has changed for the characters since the last book. Nina Zenik took Panem to save her friends and is forever changed. She no longer feels connected to her powers, she can’t sleep or eat and is tormented by her need for the drug. Matthias has accepted his love for Nina, a Grisha, the enemy of the Fjerdan people, and will do anything to protect her. Whilst Wylan Van Eck struggles to accept that his father is evil, he is fully committed to the Dregs, and hopes he has a future with Jesper. Jesper is full of guilt after Inej was captured due to his disloyalty. Jesper is fighting a strong gambling affection, and coming to terms with the fact that he is a Grisha.  He has been hiding that part of himself since he was a child, but now he needs you accept who he is, to help save his friends. 

This book picks up shortly after the crew have returned from the Ice Court job, with the Dregs trying to rescue Inej. Once Dirtyhands has his spider back, he will seek revenge against everyone in Ketterdam who ever wronged him. The Dregs can’t let Van Eck develop Panem, turning Grisha into a slave army. They will fight against the powers that be until their last breaths. 

No mourners, no funerals.

This is such a tense novel! I have no idea how Bardugo makes it so suspenseful.  I was on the edge of my seat. 

I had been looking forward to this book so much, and I really didn’t want it to end, and have to wait for the next book. I savoured this novel, reading 50 – 100 pages at a time and then reading the last 250 pages in one sitting, because I had to know what was happening!

The ending was upsetting, shocking and yet not a surprise. It was very Abraham from the walking dead season six… looking back you completely understand a certain character’s behaviour… that is all I will say.  

Let me know your thoughts on the comments.

Cheerio !

Stephani Xxx 


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