The New Ghost by Robert Hunter

I love Halloween! Horror films, costumes, decorations and junk food – what is there not to love? Halloween is becoming more celebrated in the UK, but still nowhere as much as the US. One of my earliest Halloween memories was if trick-or-treating with my little sister. We must have been 4 & 5 and my mum made us matching witch costumes using black bin bags (as cloaks) with big shiny stars glued on. 

In the run up to Halloween I have decided to review as many spooky, creepy or downright scary books as I can. This book isn’t scary, but it is about a new ghosts first day on the job, so it seemed appropriate.

From the blurb:

As a flock of ghosts drift through the night, one of their number struggles to keep pace with their speed and ethereal elegance. As a new recruit, the inexperienced spirit has a lot to get to grips with: flight and quantum tunnelling prove to be a little more difficult at first than most humans realise, for a start. Forced to learn on the job, a metaphysical shortcut to keep up with his comrades sees the phosphorescent phantom get stuck in a tree just outside the perimeter of the town’s towering observatory.

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Inside, Astronomer Tom is doing what he’s been doing every night for years: manning the telescope and charting the night sky. Dedicated to his cosmic vigil, his deepest wish is to discover a new star. His belief is that if he can find one then maybe, just maybe, he could unravel its birth and publish a ground-breaking paper. Taking a look through his super-powered telescope, he suddenly spots a glowing anomaly in the neighbouring field. With a mixture of trepidation and curiosity he approaches the mysterious figure, every step unwittingly drawing him closer to the answers he has been seeking all along…

This is a very quick read – it took me less than ten minutes. The story is centered around a new ghost. He isn’t sure what he’s supposed to do, and when he tries following his ghostly “colleagues” he gets stuck in a tree. By the time the man extricates himself from the tree, the rest of the ghosts have gone. 

A man who was watching the stars from a nearby observatory comes out to see the ghost, and decides to help him adapt to his new life, and find his purpose.  

The artwork is beautiful, and the story is sweet, if a bit odd. If you want a quick ghostly read I would recommend it.

What Halloweeny graphic novels do you recommend? Let me know in the comments. 


Stephani Xxx 


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