Fright Night  (1985)

If you follow me on instagram or Twitter you may know that I’ve sprained my foot quite badly. The weekend is usually when myself and Craig go for long walks around Llandudno. That’s not really an option at the moment, so we decided to have a horror film marathon instead. 

One of my picks was the original Fright Night film from 1985, starring Chris Sarandon, Roddy MacDowall, Amanda Bearse and William Ragsdale.  We won’t mention the awful remake starring Colin Farell. This film is a classic and I highly recommend it, but in case you’ve never seen or heard of it I will paste a link to the trailer below. 

The film starts with Charley Brewster (Ragsdale) and his girlfriend Amy (Bearse) snogging on the floor (not sure why they’re on the floor) whilst a weekly horror show called Fright Night plays on the TV.  

Amy & Charley have been dating a while, and he wants to take their relationship further but she’s not ready. Charley tries to convince Amy to get physical and ahe warms to the idea, but as they get closer Charley is distracted by something he sees out of his bedroom window. New neighbour Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) and his live-in carpenter Billy appear to be moving coffins and burying dead bodies in the middle of the night. Of course Charley isn’t at all subtle when spying on Jerry and is spotted watching Jerry’s house through a telescope.

Charley confronts Jerry and accuses him of being a Vampire, even calling the police regarding his suspicions about Jerry’s involvement in the deaths of local women. Charles’s friends and his mother think he is seeing things, and that he has been watching too many horror films. Charley decides the only person who will be able to help him is Peter Vincent (MacDowall), the host of Fright Night and a washed up horror actor. 

This film is so good, it’s creepy, very funny, had great special effects and doesn’t take itself too seriously. My favourite scene is what my husband refers to as the Knitwear Dance scene, or the Jumper Dance. In this scene Chris Sarandon attempts to seduce Amy in a club wearing a badly fitting jumper.  He’s so cool though it doesn’t stop him.  

The way that Jerry toys with Charley, teasing him about the fact he knows what Jerry really is, taunting him in front of his mum and friends is very entertaining and shows that Jerry does not consider Charley a threat. 

The film draws on a lot of the conventions from vampire films through the ages including holy water, shape-shifting, reincarnation, day guardians, etc. and just has a lot of fun with the material. It also inspired on of my favourite Jon & Al videos. 

Also, how much does Amanda Bearse look like Amy Adams in this get up?

I also think that the special effects and makeup in this film are incredible. I think practical effects stand up far longer than CGI.  

Have you seen this film? Let me know what you think about Fright Night in the comments below.


Stephani Xxx 


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