The Accident Season by Maria Fowley-Doyle 

 I bought sooooo many books the last few months, I can’t remember if this was one I saw on YouTube, that Amazon recommended or I just saw and thought ooh that’s a pretty cover. I have a problem people, I am a book hoarder..and a lipstick hoarder, and a shoe hoarder…etc.

From the blurb:

“It’s the accident season, the same time every year. Bones break, skin tears, bruises bloom.

The accident season has been part of seventeen-year-old Cara’s life for as long as she can remember. Towards the end of October, foreshadowed by the deaths of many relatives before them, Cara’s family becomes inexplicably accident-prone. They banish knives to locked drawers, cover sharp table edges with padding, switch off electrical items – but injuries follow wherever they go, and the accident season becomes an ever-growing obsession and fear.

But why are they so cursed? And how can they break free?”

17 year old Cara, possibly short for Caramel, is in her penultimate year at school, and is preparing for “The Accident Season”. The accident season, or October, is a month where really weird, nasty and sometimes tragic, accidents befall the Morris family. 

The accident season has happened ever since Cara can remember. No matter what precautions her mum takes, they always get hurt.  Sometimes it’s just bruises, sometimes broken bones, some years people die. 

Cara lives with her Mum, older sister Alice and their ex-step-brother Sam. Sam is the same age as Cara, same classes at school and they are best friends. When Sam’s dad Christopher walks put of their life, Clara’s mum Melanie continues to care for Sam like he’s her son. So Sam and Clara have been living as siblings for half their lives… which makes it really awkward when Clara starts to develop feelings for Sam. Also, because Sam has been taken in by the Morris family he also starts to be affected by the same accidents that befall his adopted family. 

When October rolls around this year Clara notices that her classmate Elsie is missing, and that Elsie is mysteriously in all of the photos she has taken on her phone. Even in the photos when the family were in France on holiday.  Clara starts to question teachers and other students about Elsie, but no one seems to remember her. Is Elsie real, and is her strange disappearance have related to the accidents?

I quite enjoyed this book, it was an interesting concept, and all the way through you have no idea what is happening. Cara seems to exist on the edge of a strange surreal dream. Also, she drinks quite a bit of alcohol. 

After finishing the book I still have some unanswered questions, but overall the mystery is resolved in an interesting if slightly predictable fashion. A couple of points I noted whilst reading were:

  1. October isn’t a season. It’s a month. Why isn’t the novel called the accident month? I suppose that would be less poetic.  
  2. What the hell is “amn’t” – that’s not a word. Is it an Irish thing? What does it mean???

This is a debut novel and we’ll worth a read if you like YA mysteries with a supernatural edge.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read or plan on reading this book. 


Stephani Xxx 


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