In Fear 

Tonight we watched In Fear and I tweeted my thoughts whilst I watched.
Tom and Lucy are going to a music festival.  They’ve been dating a couple of weeks, so Tom told Lucy to invite some friends along. He then booked a hotel for the two of them for the first night, the cheeky scamp. 

They get lost on the way after a rather odd experience in a local pub. They wait outside for a guide to show them how to get to the hotel, and a knob in a land-rover beeps behind them before driving off. They follow him for the start of a merry adventure through the Irish countryside.   

Will they ever find the hotel? Will Tom and Lucy make it as a couple? Let’s find out! 

  • #infear they’re lost looking for a hotel
  • Tom won’t stop to ask for directions #infear
  • Land-rover driver is an arse hole #infear
  • Tom needs to wee… #infear
  • Scarecrow does its job. #infear
  • Lucy’s clothes are all over the road… Tom asks if she’s sure they’re hers… erm, yes. #infear
  • Tom & Lucy have been driving for hours, nearly put of fuel & getting grumpy.  Tom’s not getting any… #infear
  • Time for a car game. #infear
  • The answer fast game never goes well. Haven’t they seen #friends ? #infear
  • White masked man is back.. #infear
  • Methinks he’s just messing with them.. #infear
  • Stop getting out of the bloody car. #infear
  • Never trust a hitchhiker- it’s in the damn horror movie handbook. Gah. #infear
  • Tom’s getting emotional.. #infear
  • Hitchhiker is called max. He’s from around here. Ask for directions maybe? #infear
  • Max has been knifed and needs a dr. Tells them to go to the hotel… Follow the signs..😡  #infear
  • Why don’t they tell “max” about the weird signs, man, not finding the hotel? Course not. #infear
  • Max is being a dick to Tom. #infear
  • Max tells creepy playing chicken story #infear
  • Max is blaming Tom.for being lost, and says he knows the way. I don’t trust Max. #infear
  • And they’re back to the beginning…Max says “they’ve” messed with the signs. #infear
  • Lucy has no loyalty to Tom. Lucy’s a bitch. #infear
  • What happened in the pub Tom? #infear
  • Tom leaves Lucy in the car with Max the bleeding hitchhiker… #infear
  • Tom spilt the pint, and then refused to buy a new one, Tom lied. #infear
  • Sorry, not falling for the helpless routine Max. #infear
  • An hour in and Tom is the only character that doesn’t need a roundhouse. #infear
  • Max is clearly getting off on being rude to Tom. #infear
  • Also, his smug grin screams “evil twat” #infear
  • Max pulls at his head to make it bleed more, to get Lucy to open the glove box.  #infear
  • Max declares that it’s was him all along messing with them. Wow. The shock. #infear
  • Mac’s evil plan involves getting Tom to drive really fast. #infear
  • Max asks Lucy to choose who dies. #infear
  • Tom must die. Lucy doesn’t love him. #infear
  • Max doesn’t have a knife. #infear
  • What a fuckwit. #infear
  • Sooo… if it was him how do they get home.? #infear
  • Tom smashes bottle on Max’s head and they have a roll around in  the mud.  #infear
  • Somehow Max is winning… #infear
  • Max is just messing with Tom.again… this isn’t going to end well for Tom. #infear
  • Oooooowwwwww…. broken hand. Deffo. #infear
  • Lucy gets out of the car. Why???? #infear
  • Aaand they’re back in the car. They have very little fuel. No idea where they’re going.. #infear
  • Yep. There goes the petrol.  #infear
  • Get out of the car Tom. Max is back.  Yaaay. #infear
  • How the hell did he get the massive Crocodile Dundee car in the woods? #infear
  • Turn the bloody flashlight off.  He can see you. #infear
  • He’s behind you! #infear #byetom
  • Lucy finally turns light off. #infear
  • Lucy goes back to car. Someone bought her some petrol. That’s nice  #infear
  • Did she bother to check the back seat? #infear
  • Yaaay.  The sat nav’s back.  #infear
  • Lucy found the last sign to the hotel.  #infear
  • And it’s just a scrap yard full of abandoned cars. They should have checked @TripAdvisor #infear
  • Yet Lucy STILL gets out of the car & leaves the key in the ignition! WTH?!?!?! #infear
  • Max is blathering something about… I don’t know.  Can Lucy just die now? She’s an idiot. #infear
  • What-do-you-want cliché.  #infear
  • Is he not worried she’ll get away and unveil his luxury guest house/serial killer scheme? #infear
  • What’s in the boot? #infear
  • Tom’s dead. The old pipe -attached-to-the-exhaust-shoved-in-the-guys-throat-whilst-scared-girl-tries-to-escape death.  Classic. #infear
  • Max decides to play chicken. Does he think she’ll swerve? Kill the bastard. #infear
  • That’s where you end? Did she kill him? Did she swerve. F*ck you open ended film. #infear
  • Is it so difficult these days to wrap things up and let the audience know how things ended??? Aaaagh. #infear #horrormovie 

My overall impression? It was OK. I hated the ending.  


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