Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes 

I’m actually re-reading this again (12th time as of 26th August 2016). That’s how much I love this book.

From the blurb:

‘How did it end up like this? Twenty-seven, unemployed, mistaken for a drug addict, in a treatment centre in the back arse of nowhere with an empty Valium bottle in my knickers . . .’

Meet Rachel Walsh. She has a pair of size 8 feet and such a fondness for recreational drugs that her family has forked out the cash for a spell in Cloisters – Dublin’s answer to the Betty Ford Clinic. She’s only agreed to her incarceration because she’s heard that rehab is wall-to-wall jacuzzis, gymnasiums and rock stars going tepid turkey – and it’s about time she had a holiday.

But what Rachel doesn’t count on are the toe-curling embarrassments heaped on her by family and group therapy, the dearth of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll – and missing Luke, her ex. What kind of a new start in life is this?

Rachel loves to have a good time, and lives in New York, where someone is usually up for a party; but lately everyone seems to have changed.  None of Rachel’s friends seem to have fun any more, and get really uptight about her occasional use of recreational drugs. Her boyfriend Luke and best friend Bridgit seem to be constantly at her to slow down, stop using, be boring. 

Then Rachel overdoses one night by accident when reading poetry  (how embarassing) which Bridgit mistakes for a suicide note. Rachel’s sister Maggie  (lickarse) and her husband come to take her back to Ireland, where Rachel is told she will be admitted to the Cloisters, a treatment centre for addicts. 

Rachel isn’t an addict, but she knows a lot of famous people have been in Cloisters, so she decides to humour her family. Picturing spa treatments, saunas, healthy buffets, Rachel starts to warm up to the idea, after all, she could do with a little holiday.

This is one of my favourite books, Rachel is completely deluded about her life, and has no idea how she has been treating her friends and family. 

The characters are amazing, and completely realistic. Marian Keyes is an alcoholic, and that experience shines through Rachel.  Scarily you find yourself empathising with Rachel’s experience of drug use – in terms of alcohol, hang overs, and oh-my-god-did-I-do-that ??post alcohol regrets. 

Just read it.

I’m a bit behind on my TBR and reviews, as this month is the “friends weddings and work trips back-to-back”  month, so bear with me! As I post this I am travelling from Wales to Kent for Wedding number 2. So excited!

Let me know your thoughts on this books, and if you have any weddings this summer.


Stephani Xxx 

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