The Luxe Life by Fleur de Force

This is a beautiful book; I pre-ordered it when it was first announced. There was an issue with Amazon not delivering it when promised, but that’s pretty much the norm. 

From the blurb:

Luxe living is all about becoming your best self – the one you’ve always wanted to be – and making it look totally effortless. It’s about indulging yourself and your loved ones, and making every day feel special regardless of budget or time constraints, with a quick up-do guaranteed to wow, a gorgeous go-to make-up look or taking your evening outfit to the next level. It’s about knowing that a little bit of extra effort (whether you’re hosting, decluttering, gifting or making your house a home) goes a long way. This is my ultimate bible for busy girls who are ready to take the next step in their journey to The Luxe Life.

As described, this book is a guide about beauty, lifestyle and food, and how to bring luxury into your everyday life.

This is a gorgeous book with a mixture of photographs and illustrations.  Fleur obviously took on board the criticisms about the lack of photos in her first book, and has included a lot more in this latest one. This book is also a hardback, and a lot of care has gone into making it look as stunning as possible – I love the rose gold touches.

Fleur describes this as the older, more sophisticated sister to her previous book, which it definitely is, but I was still a bit disappointed. 

At 256 pages it’s quite a good length and is a good coffee table book to have a flip through; it only took me 1 hour and a half to get through, but I skipped a few sections, for example the part on self-tanning. 

I think my overall impression was that this is quite generic. A lot of the tips and life hacks have been presented before, and I know from personal experience* one doesn’t work.

Also, the photos were staged in an apartment or house that was hired for the occasion.  Fleur has a beautiful home and London apartment that she renovated and decorated herself, granted it might have been inconvenient to film there, but most of the readers will know Fleur from her YouTube videos, the settings just seemed really impersonal and a bit of an odd decision to make.

I would have loved to see more about how Fleur chose the decorations and accessories in her own home and flat. What does she do to stay stylish when walking her dogs? Also, why were there no pictures of Treacle, Squidge and Piglet? She has the cutest dogs.

This might seem like I’m being a bit nit-picky, but as a long time subscriber to her channel I was expecting something that had more of a personal touch.

Overall it’s a lovely book, which would make a great gift or coffee table addition.

The Luxe Life is available from Headline priced £18.99.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Stephani Xxx

*I tried the water bag in the shoes, then putting the shoes in the freezer to stretch them out trick a couple of years ago. It doesn’t work.  Also, it’s not a good idea if your shoes were expensive or an easy to damage material such as suede. The hairdryer method works a lot better.  

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