Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon 

The feels! This book is sooooo cute! 

I’m going through a YA Contemporary phase at the moment; I’m going to blame all the booktube videos I’ve been watching. 

From the blurb:



Maddy is allergic to the world.

She hasn’t left her house in seventeen years.

Olly is the boy next door.

He’s determined to find a way to reach her.

I was about a quarter of my way through the book when I was completely smitten by Maddy & Olly (Oddy? Molly?). They are just such cute characters.

Maddy Whittier, as per the back cover description, has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency disease; basically she is allergic to the world. Maddy lives in an environment controlled house. Everything is white. Everything is sterilised.  Decontaminated. 

Maddy’s whole world takes place inside the four walls of her house, and have done since she was 6 months old. She’s never been to school, never had a friend, never played in the park, never been kissed. Maddy experiences life through her beloved books, and is home schooled via Skype.

Maddy’s mum is very protective of her, partly because of her disease, but mostly because Maddy’s older brother and Father were killed in a car crash when she was only a few months old. Mrs Whittier is a doctor, and makes sure that Maddy is well cared for by a full-time nurse Carla, and protected from the rest of the world in the controlled climate of their home.

Maddy is disappointed that she doesn’t get to go out into the world, but she is generally happy. She has her books, her mum, and Carla. That is until they get new neighbours…

The Bright family are loud, noisy, and chaotic. Maddy loves watching them through the window. Olly is the teenage son, good looking and parkour enthusiast. His sister Kara seems like a typical sullen teen, and there is obviously tension between the parents. 

Mrs Bright sends Olly and Kara around with a Bundt cake to Maddy’s mum, who won’t accept the cake, and refuses to allow them to meet her daughter.

Olly becomes intrigued with Maddy, and finds a way to contact her over the internet.  Thus begins a wonderful but dangerous relationship between Maddy and Olly. They can never get too close to each other, or Maddy could die, but is friendship enough? 

Olly is such a physical character; he can’t seem to sit still, whereas Maddy has a very calming, thoughtful personality.  I love the way that they interact with each other.  Most of their communication is through IMs, emails, and they are just adorable. 

I love how the author mixes up traditional narrative with diagrams, illustrations and charts. Also, Maddy’s spoiler book reviews are hilarious. 

Yoon is also quite sneaky! I thought I’d guessed the ending of the book, but then there was a turn of events, and I thought I was wrong, but then something else happened- sneaky sneaky! 
I really enjoyed the story, and it’s a very quick read; only 306 pages with lots of pictures and pages with only a brief paragraph.  

Let me know if you’ve read this book and what you though about it – but no spoilers please! 


Stephani Xxx 


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