Changing Goal Posts

I’m sure you’ve been there; a company who’s products you love has a giveaway competition on social media and the rules for entering seem really clear.

The end of the competition draws near and you recheck the post, or maybe the winner is announced.

Hang on! It now says you had to tag a friend, get them to sign up, donate your first born’s left kidney… etc

Did you read the rules incorrectly? Are you going mad? Maybe. Or maybe the company is changing the rules after the competition is launched.

I recently entered a competition to win the new Ciate eyeshadow palettes in Pretty, Fun and Fearless. All you had to do was follow Ciate on instagram to be entered. I already followed them. Awesome. One person asked how they entered in the comments- Ciate answered All you have to do is follow them “It’s as simple as that”.


I was scrolling though instagram this morning and saw a reminder post about the competition, which now said you needed to tag a friend and get them to follow them on instagram. Whaaaaaat?


I went back to Ciate’s account and checked the original post. I was convinced it hadn’t said that, but the post from 2 days ago said that you had to tag a friend etc.  I was a bit baffled. Until I saw that the post had been edited! I looked through the comments from 2 days before, and found the comment from ciate saying that you just had to follow them to be entered. Aha!


I have tweeted and Instagrammed Ciate about this, but had no response.  As a consumer I am outraged. I love their products, but they should be honest and fair when running social media promotions.

What are your thoughts? Have you entered any competitions recently only  for the rules to change later on? Let me know in the comments.


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