Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass Palette Review

Hello lovelies!

It’s taken me a while to post this review, as I haven’t really got much use out of this palette yet – but more on that later.


I was so excited about this collection, and apparently so was the rest of the world as it sold out everywhere immediately. I couldn’t get hold of any of the lipsticks (even the yucky apricot coloured one – bleurgh!) for love nor money, but I did manage to get the palette in the early release from Selfridges.

This palette is so beautiful; I love the kaleidoscopic packaging, the blue butterfly and the quotes in gold calligraphy in places, but it is really not user friendly, particularly for travel use.


The palette itself is in a pull out tray that separates from the rest of the palette. The mirror is okay, if a bit small, but because it’s in the cardboard flap, secured with a bit of ribbon it’s quite difficult to use and keep it steady. The thing I usually love about the UD palettes is that it is easy to hold the palette and the mirror at the same time, especially with the Vice palettes (I adore the Vice palettes and their magneticky closing thingys).


Okay, so this is a limited edition film tie in – but it should still be usable! I think UD went for appearance over functionality with this release. In my opinion they could still have had the completely useless (but oh so pretty) blue butterfly in the outside casing, but then had the pull out section be a normal UD Vice style palette.


I have hardly used this palette because I’ve been travelling a lot for work, and it is just not travel friendly. I’ve brought it with me this week because a friend at work wants to see it, but it was a complete pain in the arse getting it out of my suitcase and applying my makeup on the train. Plus I know the outside packaging is going to be battered to buggery by the time I get home.


The colours in the palette are fabulous, there are quite a few “out there” shades, mixed in with the more useable ones. Of course I am drawn to the bright colours, but there is a good dollop of neutral in there for people wanting a more toned down look.

The shades in the palette are sectioned into different “character” columns:

Alice: Looking Glass (pale pink demi-matte), Reflection (soft peach matte), Dormouse (warm brown matte w/ floating gold micro-sparkle) and Metamorphosis (vibrant periwinkle blue w/micro-sparkle).

Mad Hatter: Hatter (vibrant green w/tonal micro-sparkle), Gone Mad (aubergine w/pink iridescent pearl), Paradox (vibrant orange w/gold pearl) and Cake (saturated blue-pink w/silver micro-shimmer).

Mirana: Lily (opal pink pearl), Duchess (peach w/pink shift and micro-sparkle), Kingdom (copper-bronze pearl) and Chessboard (medium brown matte).

Iracebeth: Heads Will Roll (vibrant turquoise w/gold micro-sparkle), Bandersnatch (deep teal matte), Salazen Grum (metallic crimson) and Royal Flush (pale beige shimmer).

Time: Time (black-navy satin w/soft iridescent micro-sparkle), Dream On (metallic purple-silver), Chronosphere (metallic deep bronze) and Mirror (gray-taupe satin).


I have to say my favourite column is Mirana – which is quite unusual for me as it is the most tame column colour wise! – but the shares are just so pretty, and go really well with my Irregular Choice Blushing Bird Flamingo shoes. I think these are the perfect colours for a softer summer look.


I also tried a more dramatic pinky purple look using cake, which I also loved and will be wearing for Race for Life on Sunday.


Overall I love the colours, but the packaging left a lot to be desired after you got past the tie in gimmicks.

The palette was £43 which is pretty steep, but around the usual UD price for a larger palette, and unlike the Gwen Stefani palette it included a brush- Yay!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Stephani Xxx

6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass Palette Review

  1. I ended up passing on it because of the packaging but the color combinations you’ve created look so pretty! They def could have done a Vice style set up and kept the butterfly but hey… what do I know! Hopefully things will calm down at work so you can play with it more 🙂


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