The New “Comfortable” Mattes

I’m a self confessed lipstick hoarder; whenever a new lipstick collection is released I’m pretty much guaranteed to buy at least one or two, even if they’re glossy or shiny formulas. To be honest matte lipsticks are more my thing. I can’t even stand lip glosses, so heaven knows why I find myself owning so many of the dratted things.


I love matte lipsticks because they look less “made-up” than shiny lipsticks, they’re more subdued, more subtle, and they stay where you damned well put them!

When I’m applying  matte lipstick I can tell from the drag that it is not going anywhere. I have really long working days, sometimes I don’t have time to stop for lunch, never mind checking my lipstick.


Recently all of the matte lipsticks I’ve bought have been in this new “comfortable” matte formula. I think Charlotte Tilbury has been credited with starting this new trend, with her Matte Revolution lipsticks, but to my mind Revlon got there first with their Matte Balm lipstick pencils.


So what is comfortable matte? The idea behind this formula is that the lipstick has the look of a matte lipstick, but doesn’t dry out the wearer’s lips; basically they have the look of a normal lipstick that has been blotted, so that its not super sheeny anymore (technical term).


I’m not overly fond of this new formula.  I recently bought some Mac matte lipsticks, and was horrified that these had the exact same consistency.  I had thought Mac could be relied upon to deliver their usual almost-rip-your-lips-off-but-its-worth-it lipstick, but I was heartily disappointed.


I know that a matte lipstick that feels nice on your lips is the holy grail, but I’m just not a fan. Even the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks formulas seem to have changed. If these new mattes stayed in place I would be shouting from the rooftops about them, but they just don’t have the staying power.

I love the colours of the new Mac lipsticks I’ve bought, they’re just really high maintenance, same as my Charlotte Tilbury’s.


I know that most people moan about the dryness of the conventional matte lipsticks, but to them I say suck it up (and invest in a good lipbalm). Bring back the old formulas!!

Today I started out wearing Mac Retro Rouge but it had disappeared and smudged all over the place by my second cup of tea. I swapped to Urban Decay’s 714 from the Gwen Stefani collection and it’s still in place 5 hours later. No touch ups.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Stephani Xxx

4 thoughts on “The New “Comfortable” Mattes

  1. “I love matte lipsticks because they look less “made-up” than shiny lipsticks, they’re more subdued, more subtle, and they stay where you damned well put them!” – Amen to that, sister! This is the reason I never wear brights, they never last and I’m tired of the mess!

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