My Mother’s Secret by Sheila O’Flanagan


This book was sent to me via bookbridgr for an honest review. Sheila O’Flanagan is an Irish author; to me she is like a subdued Marian Keyes – amusing but not so funny that I start snorting with laughter (I’m a delightful travelling companion). I have read quite a few of her books, and I always find them relaxing, interesting reads.

Anyhoo, in this story Steffie is roped into organising a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party for her parents, by her rather pushy sister Roisin.

The whole extended family is invited (that’s a whole lotta people) to celebrate and Roisin wants everything to be perfect.  Steffie isn’t quite convinced her parents will appreciate the gesture, but as usual is bullied into it by her older sister.

Steffie is in a bit of a pickle; she’s started a new business that isn’t going so well, and her relationship with her boyfriend has gone a bit stale. They are more like friends with benefits, and he tells Steffie he won’t be coming to the party at the last minute.

Novels by writers such as O’Flanagan, Marian Keyes and Cecelia Ahearn all seem to involve family members pushing characters around, interfering in their business and telling them that they’re rubbish. I would not put up with that.  I always find myself shouting at the characters to stand up for themselves and tell their relatives to wind their neck in.

Back to the story, with the whole family descending on her and Roisin determined to put down all her efforts, Steffie is not anticipating an enjoyable evening, but hopes her parents will appreciate the party; instead her mother reveals a shocking secret, which undermines everything she thought she knew.

Jenny and Pascal appear to be the perfect couple, but they have been keeping something from their family which, when revealed, could ruin their relationship forever.

This is a really good easy read, perfect for a lazy Sunday or a holiday. R.R.P. £7.99.


Stephanie Xxx


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