The Silence by Tim Lebbon


The Silence is an incredible horror story about an apocalyptic event and how it affects the lives of one family.

A discovery of a cave system in Moldova leads to the death of millions of people across Europe.  The system has been isolated from the rest of the world, possibly for the last 10 million years, and as a result has developed into a unique ecosystem.

The exploration of this discovery is filmed as a live event for the Discovery Channel.  As scientists enter the system, they inadvertently disturb a previously unknown species and release them into the world.

The creatures are pale, batlike, and ferocious, killing all the scientists in a bloody massacre. They appear to be blind, and hunt by sonar, pouncing on anything that makes a noise.

People watching the feed think it’s a horror film or an elaborate set up.  All except for Ally.

Ally has been deaf since she was involved in a car accident in which both of her grandparents were killed. Ally and her family have had to adapt to help Ally adjust to life since the accident.

Ally copes with life and new situations by collecting information and creating digital scrapbooks. She has a keen interest in science and was watching the feed before the new creatures emerged. She follows the escalating events of social media as the new creatures, the “Vesps” cross Europe, causing death and devastation everywhere they go.

Ally’s father decides to take his family to a remote holiday house in Scotland, to try and protect his family until the situation with the Vesps is contained.

As the days pass, it becomes clear that no one knows how to stop the Vesps, and the family’s ability to stay quiet is the only thing keeping them alive.

I love, love, love this book. It was terrifying, thought provoking and very well written. I liked how the author used excerpts from characters twitter feeds and other social media to illustrate how the information was getting out and how people were reacting to it.

The ending was left open, so there could be a sequel, but if not it stands up well as a standalone story. It is so good. Read it!!


Stephanie Xxx


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