The Second Love of My Life by Victoria Walters


The Second Love of My Life is the debut novel by Victoria Walters.

Rose Walker has life figured out by the age of 22; she lives in a beautiful small town, Talting, on the Cornish coast in a townhouse next to the sea with her husband-to-be Lucas; she has lots of wonderful friends and neighbours, and works in a bar, but is also a renowned local artist.

4 years later Rose has lost her husband and her inspiration.  Lucas was killed in an accident and Rose has been unable to paint since. A story in a local paper about the annual fair mentions that Rose has not done any new paintings since she lost her husband, and explains that what could be her final creations will be on sale at the fair.

Talting is a very small town, so when Robert arrives to snap up Rose’s paintings news spreads quickly. Robert is a corporate lawyer, who is unhappy with his job, his family and life in general. He only intended to be in town for the fair, but when he meets Rose there is an undeniable attraction between them.

Can Rose move on and allow herself to love again?

Robert also has his demons, and is very aware of her recent loss and that they are the subject of local gossip. He seems to be gentle and understanding when Rose runs hot and cold towards him, but he is definitely hiding something; will they be able to help each other move on from the past?

I’m sorry but I really didn’t like this book; I didn’t like any of the characters, in particular Rose seemed to be selfish and a terrible friend. Robert immediately after meeting people starts complaining about his father, how much he makes him work, all of the pressure he puts on him…so get another job? It all feels very teenage angst.

I’m probably not the target demographic for this book, it would be more appropriate for someone in their late teens/ early twenties. I thought that sections of the dialogue, especially between Rose and Robert, were unnatural and quite melodramatic, almost like an episode of Dawson’s Creek. To be fair, when I was 15 I loved Dawson’s Creek. This similarity wasn’t helped by the occasional Americanisms the author uses throughout the book -it’s a toastie, not a grilled cheese.

The parts of the book which felt real were the interactions between Rose and her cat Taylor; I would imagine this is because the author owns a cat (I’ve seen pictures on Twitter, he’s adorable).

I actually feel a bit mean; this is the authors first novel, which is an incredible achievement. I’ve tried to write and I usually give up after 3 chapters.  This book was sent to me via

bookbridgr for an honest review.

Let me know if you have read this book in the comments below.


Stephani Xxx


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