The Weekend Wives by Christina Hopkinson


This book was sent to me via bookbridgr for an honest review.

The Weekend Wives by Christina Hopkinson is about 3 women living in the countryside whilst their husbands work in the city, usually only visiting their families at the weekend.

Emily used to be a patents lawyer, and the breadwinner of her family; burnt out and craving a simpler lifestyle she and her husband Matt switch roles – he will go to work and she will raise the children.  Moving back to the idyllic town where Matt grew up, Emily has dreams of cosy nights round the aga, walks with an adorable family dog and blackberry picking with her children. The reality is somewhat different – the non-aga-aga is a new menace to use, the family dog has issues and the children are more interested in their iPads and mobile phones. Emily is also worried about her husband; Matt seems distracted, and even when he’s at home he can’t be separated from his new work phone.

From the outside Sasha seems to have it all figured out; her children are very well behaved,  her husband Ned has a successful career making films in LA and Sasha runs her own business sourcing ceramics. However family life isn’t as perfect as it seems; Sasha worries that her 15 year old daughter Bailey is too well behaved, and struggles to connect with her; Ned’s work in the states means that he rarely comes home, and their relationship is mostly conducted through Skype. Sasha is content to ignore these problems until a woman from Ned’s past gets in contact and shares a horrifying secret. Maybe Sasha doesn’t know her husband at all.

Tamsin is a trophy wife. She’s a good decade younger than her indulgent husband John, who delights in buying her expensive clothes, and takes an active role in her daily routines even though he works away in London most of the week. Tamsin was a scatty and somewhat rebellious teenager, and is the envy of her former neighbours when she moves back to the town she grew up in to renovate yet another house.

Desperate to make friends, Emily suggests forming The Weekend Wives club, and soon finds out that not everything in the countryside is what it seems.

This book wasn’t what I expected; it was actually quite thought provoking.  I really enjoyed the way Sasha and her daughter’s relationship was handled – the “date night” made me giggle.

Tamsin and John are pretty much Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey without the BDSM and with an actual plot. John is extremely controlling,  and Tamsin reacts to it appropriately*.

This is a really good book for reading on the plane,  or on holiday and I will be looking for more from this author.

Let me know if you have read this or are planning to in the comments below.


Stephani Xxx

*Have I mentioned that I HATED Fifty Shades of Grey with a fiery passion??


7 thoughts on “The Weekend Wives by Christina Hopkinson

      1. Yeah I was very unimpressed with the film…my imagination was way better than that LOL!
        But yeah Fifty Shades just lives off of its reputation. (I found the whole inner goodness thing a little annoying too!)


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