Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Palette Review


I have to say,  I’ve not been all that impressed with the Charlotte Tilbury products that I’ve bought in the past. In my opinion the lipsticks are okay, nice colours, but the packaging was quite cheap, especially considering the cost of the lipsticks at £23 a pop. The Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencil I bought was awful. I can’t even pretend to have used it more than twice. If you asked me to sum up my overall impression of the brand in one word, that word would be “meh”.

However, I kept seeing rave reviews of the eyeshadow palettes, in particular the Fallen Angel palette.


The Fallen Angel palette is a limited edition metallic palette, which can be used as wet or dry. The CT eyeshadow palettes are normally £38 – which I think is pretty steep, especially for 4 shades!!

The Fallen Angel luxury palette is £45 – and here’s the best part – for just over half the product in the usual palette!  The luxury palettes have 5.2g of product, the limited edition luxury palette has 2.8g.

I uhmmed and ahhed about buying this palette for over a year, and when I had a bit of extra money I decided to treat myself. This way, if it was another let down, at least it wasn’t money I could have spent on something useful.

I have to say, it is a very pretty palette. I am finding myself reaching for it quite frequently. I don’t take it with me in my “on the go” makeup bag, because I would hate to damage it, but when I’m at home I am 75% likely to choose this palette.


Objectively, the shades do blend into quite similar colours, but they’re just so lovely and creamy.

The colours in the palette are named Prime, Enhance, Pop and Smoke, the same as all CT’s luxury palettes, with the idea that it’s a 1-4 step easy look depending on the occasion.

The “prime” colour is a pearlescent slightly off white. “Enhance” is a metallic silver. “Pop” is a metallic bronze. “Smoke” is the only matte shade, and is black. I’ve not really used the smoke shade.

I didn’t expect to like this palette as much as I do, considering that it is mostly metallic shades, but I really love it.

Would I buy this particular palette again? Probably not. I am interested in the standard luxury palettes, especially the Vintage Vamp palette. The permanent collection palettes have twice as much product and are £7 cheaper.

Have you tried this or any other Charlotte Tilbury palettes? Let me know in the comment.


Stephani Xxx


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