Irregular Alice Cheshire Cat Shoes


I love shoes, the wackier the better. I also love Alice in Wonderland themed things. The Irregular Choice “Irregular Alice” was a match made in shoe heaven. I have been waiting months for this collection to launch, and was so excited.

Irregular Choice released a fair number of teaser promotional pictures a few weeks before the launch, and i have to say I thought all of the shoes looked stunning. Considering the prices of the Star Wars collection, and that this was another collaboration with disney, I assumed that they would be a bit pricey, and had to resign myself to the fact that I would only be able to buy one pair – but which ones???

When they released the Cheshire Cat pictures it was fair to say my decision was made. I was quite tempted by the flat version, but I will always lose my heart to heels, the higher the better.

I was really disappointed by the actual launch – I messaged IC prior to the launch, as I had seen a comment from them stating that they were expecting it to be even more popular than the Star Wars launch – and lets be honest, that was a disaster in terms of online shopping – I was assured that the website was ready and would be able to handle the additional traffic.

I’ll try not to rant too much about the launch, as I love IC and try not to be negative, but what a bloody fiasco! As soon as the countdown timer got to zero and I refreshed the screen I got a server error. From talking to other people on social media, I know this happened to a lot of people. I waited patiently (ha ha) for 30 mins but everytime I managed to get onto the site, as soon as I got the item I wanted into the basket it crashed again.

After another 15-20 mins of intense stress and frustration (as much due to wasting my lunch hour as not getting the shoes) Chyaz Samuels suggested I try Schuh. I went to Schuh’s website, found my shoes, paid and received the confirmation in about 2 minutes. Next time there is a big IC launch, i won’t even attempt to use their website, I’ll go straight to Schuh. Think about the ridiculousness of that statement for a moment. A small band of IC fans spread the word on twitter and hopefully spared a few more people stress. It feels like the company puts a lot more effort into launching events in the few stores they have, and don’t put as much care into ensuring a smooth launch for their web-based customers. which is a shame. I nearly just gave up and decided to not bother after 40 minutes of faffing.

Without further ado, here are pictures of the actual shoes!


I went for the Cheshire Cat heels, which were one of the cheaper designs at £139 –  this is another thing that is starting to put me off of the IC special launches, the prices are getting a bit much. I understand that there is more detail in the shoes, and probably hefty licensing fees for collaborating with disney, but some of these shoes were upwards of £250!


The shoes have a melted heart sheer plastic concept heel, with a purple light inside that flashes when you walk. I’m not sure how long the battery lasts, where it is, or how I would charge/ replace it, but those are things for Future Stephani to worry about.


The heels are quite high, and have cute little tails hanging over the them from the back of the shoe. Soooo cute. The shoe uppers are made from knitted material – wool I thing – in the classic pink and purple striped pattern from the original animated film.


The cat’s eyes are yellow, and almost seem to glow; he also has his inane, creepy grin of course!


The sole of the shoes have pictures of the cheshire cat on them, both slightly different. i was hoping to get the sole protectors for them, but they sold out, and as I tend to wear them indoors on carpetted areas and swap to trainers outside it’s not been a problem so far.


The inside design is a sky blue material with a patter of little white rabbits, cheshire cats, and other characters from the film.

You can see the video of the light here.

Overall I’m really happy with the shoes, they are well made, beautiful and a must have for any Alice in Wonderland fans. The experience of buying them was extremely stressful and off putting. With these limited edition releases I do think IC should limit customers to buying 1 of each design, it was incredibly annoying for people who couldn’t get onto the site to see them popping up on Ebay a few hours later for £400.

Let me know your thoughts – one of my colleagues said that they look like they belong in a five year old’s dressing up box, but I love them. Did you get anything from the launch or did you miss out?


Stephani Xxx



4 thoughts on “Irregular Alice Cheshire Cat Shoes

  1. I got the Curious Feeling pair! Mine had to be from the IC website as no other stores seemed to stock them. I was lucky enough to bag a pair after about an hour of trying. The website fiasco was frustrating! But I am so happy with my shoes.


  2. These are too cute! I’m glad you were able to get them, I remember you mentioning them before. They’re almost too cute to wear though, you may have to display them 99% of the time!

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