Industrial Piercing – 1 Year Later

Almost exactly a year ago I decided to get an industrial piercing (also known as a scaffold piercing in the UK); a scaffold piercing (I”m British)is where two holes are made through the outer ear cartilage and linked by a bar. If you want to know more about my experience getting the piercing and the healing process you can read my earlier posts here.

This type of piercing is notorious for being painful and prone to infections.  I did a lot of research before I decided to go for it, especially because I have an underlying health condition. I was told that a scaffold piercing usually takes 3 months to 1 Year to heal. I thought that I was prepared for the long haul,  but I really didn’t expect my piercing to cause me so much hassle.

I experienced multiple infections – at one point I removed the bar on the advice of a doctor, only for my symptoms to become a thousand times worse.  I’ve spent countless hours making salt solutions,  camomile compresses, tea tree soaks and sitting in the unimaginably uncomfortable position known as the “hunching over a cup trying to bathe your whole ear” pose . Not to mention the many many courses of antibiotics I’ve taken over the last 12 months.

Last night I changed my bar for the lovely wave pattern bar I bought 9 months ago. It has taken me almost the full year to get to this point. I was utterly relieved when I took out my old bar and there was no discharge from either of the two piercings.


The piercing sites are slightly red, but there doesn’t appear to be any scarring and the lumps have gone now, so that’s a relief.

So how am I going to celebrate finally being healed? I’m going to get a tragus piercing in my opposite ear. Yep,  I’m a glutton for punishment. 

Seriously though, if you are considering a scaffold think about it for a few weeks before you go ahead with it. If I could go back knowing what I do, I’m not sure I would go through with it.

If you’ve had a scaffold, tragus or have any questions please let me know in the comments.


Stephani Xxx


10 thoughts on “Industrial Piercing – 1 Year Later

  1. Oh no, this is not for me. I would have given up, just like I did with my nose piercing. I had my tongue pierced for several years but that one doesn’t sound near as bad!


  2. Hi, I had scaffold piercing a few weeks ago. I went with my sister who was getting her nose pierced. I regret it deeply. It’s still painful and a bubble has formed at the top piercing even though I am following all the guidance from the piercer. I wish I thought about it more and looked into it more I would probably have just got my nose pierced. For instance she put it in the side I usually sleep so my sleep is always broken as cannot get comfy on other side.
    I wish I had read all this sooner. So glad you are fully healed now!


  3. Hello I was wondering if you could give some tips I have a bubble at the bottom of my ear like u did exactly the same I have been doing salt soaks but nothing helped yet any advice on how u got rid of yours


  4. Wow! You certainly went through it all. I have a new industrial (scaffold) and it has developed a lump behind the lower hole. I’ve seen some pretty terrifying stuff on YouTube about infected piercings but your blog has given me hope that mine need not turn out that way as long as I keep cleaning it, and see a dr if needed. Thanks for the tip about leaving the bar in.

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