10 Indisputable Facts about Moving House



Sorry I’ve been A.W.O.L. but I’ve moved house – well country actually!- to Wales; moving is supposedly one of the most stressful life events, and that is certainly my experience, so I thought I would share some of the lessons I have learnt over the last couple of months:

  1. You can never have enough packaging tape; even if you have been stockpiling the stuff for a decade you will inevitably run out at 1am the morning of your move.
  2. You can never have too many boxes – see above.
  3. As much as you want to have everything packed a week before the move, you will still be running around at 2am on moving day panicking that the movers are arriving in less than 7 hours.
  4. The actual move will take a lot longer than the hours estimated by the movers and you will spend the day worrying about how this affects the quoted cost.
  5. The van with all of your stuff will disappear for 2 hours, reminding you of all those stories about fake movers who stole their clients belongings. Will you ever see your Urban Decay Naked collection again?!?!
  6. The movers will eventually turn up with tall tales about the traffic on the motorway, whilst smelling suspiciously like fast food.
  7. The box you’ve put aside containing essentials (tea bags, milk and the kettle) for immediate use will be the last unmarked kitchen box you open, even though you swear you labelled it clearly.
  8. The night of the move you will put your bed up and that is all; don’t even pretend you are going to unpack anything that evening, it’s not going to happen.
  9. The morning after the move you won’t be able to find any suitable clean clothes; when setting out to forage in your new home town for breakfast the following day you will have a choice between yesterday’s travel stained clothes or a ten year old party dress that you know you will get to fit again, one day.
  10. There will always be a few boxes destined to never be unpacked, which will be moved between storage cupboards and spare rooms until your next move, when it is binned or moved to a new spare room in your new home.

Let me know your moving war stories; the blog should resume as normal in a few weeks, but things are kinda crazy at the moment, so please bear with me.


Stephanie Xxx


2 thoughts on “10 Indisputable Facts about Moving House

  1. Awe. My husband and I bought our house in April 2013. I still have 3-5 boxes in the garage that I never opened… lol! Are you done moving yet!? If not, I suggest COLORED packing tape. It makes it so much easier to organize and remember what goes where 🙂

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