Mu-Shoes Monday!

imageSorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

Dishonour. Dishonour on me, dishonour on my cow…

Okay, I’ll stop.

Hello lovelies! Seriously though, how brilliant are my new Irregular Choice shoes? Technically, this style is called Locky, but they look so much like Mushu from Mulan.

I loved that film, and still know all of the words to “A Girl Worth Fighting For”. And Reflection. Did anyone else used to belt that out into their brush a la Christina Aguilera? Nope? Okay, just thought I’d ask. Ahem. Back to the shoes; They were £105, but as with all Irregular Choice shoes they are very well made, comfortable and just unlike anything else you can buy on the high street or online.

New shoes image ©msstephanimichelle
New shoes image ©msstephanimichelle

If you are tempted by the designs, but aren’t convinced that they are worth the price I would suggest that you pop into Schuh or TK Maxx to see what the fuss is about, as both of these stores usually carry a small sample of Irregular Choice’s designs. Honestly, there is so much thought and detail put into not just how these shoes look, but how they feel to wear.

When I was showing my mother-in-law another, also beautiful, pair of Irregular Choice shoes I had bought, but forgotten to show him (I have no idea how that happened) he had a proper look at them, and was very taken by the padded velvety inner soles. Okay, I’ll stop – they’re not paying me I swear!

I paid for next day delivery, as I was having coffee with a friend today and HAD to show her these shoes. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but the soles gave a lovely autumnal print on the bottom, featuring bunnies, hedgehogs and squirrels. These shoes are part of the autumnal collection, which all feature this pattern, but to be honest I was expecting something more dragon-y (yes, it’s a word), on the soles.

Image ©msstephanimichelle
Image ©msstephanimichelle

If I had one complaint about these shoes, it is that the pictures for Locky on the Irregular Choice website are a bit misleading regarding the heel height; they look like they are a low-medium heeled shoe, but they are actually quite high.

The top half of the heel is concealed in the design of the shoe, so if you think these will be one of your token “sensible” pairs of IC shoes you may be disappointed.

Let me know your thoughts; what shoes or other major purchases have you been tempted towards this payday?





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