Makeup Room Update A.K.A. Flat-packing Fun

I had planned on posting a super exciting update regarding my makeup room this week, but as with most plans, it went a bit to pot. I ordered the Hollywood mirror that I have been wanting forever from Illuminated Mirrors UK and had a few issues with it.

Image from
Image from

The first issue was related to delivery, i.e. I specifically requested delivery for Thursday when I would be working from home (and paid extra for the privilege) and then Parcelforce decided to deliver it the next day even though I’d already said I wouldn’t be in. So I had the fabulously frustrating experience of trying to rearrange delivery for the date I’d initially requested, but to be fair, that was the courier’s fault, not Illuminated Mirrors.

The mirror arrived on Thursday, and I unpacked it Friday with the intention of setting up my new dressing table arrangement. I took all of the parts out of the box and I have to say that mirror was packaged really well; there was enough bubble wrap in their to pack up my entire makeup collection.

I unwrapped the main mirror section – which is extremely heavy and has some metal fittings on the back, so be careful not to scratch your dressing table if you decide to get one. Fixing the stank to the mirror is a two person job, and involves using multiple screws to attach the base to the mirror, and then the base to the supports. All of this is great, except that the screws were missing for several of the parts. Brilliant.

It's so messy, I can't even look! ©msstephanimichelle
It’s so messy, I can’t even look! ©msstephanimichelle

So my makeup room officially looks like a bomb has gone off in there, I’m a bit OCD about organisation (my friends at uni used to call me Monica), so I can’t even go in there right now, it’s completely stressing me out. Illuminated Mirrors have advised that they have sent me some replacement screws which should be arriving in two working days. I will post another update of my room (hopefully) looking all neat and pretty. In the meantime I am not really able to access my makeup or my dressing table. Sob. Good thing I just bought lots of adult colouring books, but that’s another story.

Hope you lovely readers have a wonderful weekend; we have torrential rain, thunder and lightning, but Also pizza on the way and I’ve blackmailed my husband into watching The Other Woman (hee hee).


Stephanie Xxx

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