“Fat Girl Walking” by Brittany Gibbons (A.K.A. Brittany Herself) Book Review

Image ©msstephanimichelle
Image ©msstephanimichelle

I had never heard of this author before, but apparently she is a blogger with a huge following who advocates woman loving their bodies and actually talking honestly about things like sex, periods, motherhood and obesity. The book was recommended to me on Amazon as a result of other books I’d purchased, so I read a few of the pages in the preview and just fell in love with her writing style. I have since subscribed to her blog.

“Fat Girl Walking” in essence is an autobiography; this is not a diet book, self help book or “lifestyle guide”, but don’t let that put you off. “Okay, so why should we read a biography of someone you weren’t even aware of a week ago?” I hear you asking… Because it is amazing. This book is an extended introduction to Brittany; I read the whole thing today, and it feels like I sat down and had a brilliant conversation with a new friend. Brittany is hilarious, intelligent, sometimes crude, but always, more than anything else, honest.

Image ©msstephanimichelle
Image ©msstephanimichelle

As a chubby girl, Brittany has often felt ostracised by society, and the very narrow definitions of femininity and beauty ideals, Brittany started her own blog talking about her life, family and experiences as a curvy girl, which culminated in her appearing in the media at a US size 18 wearing a bikini. I know, the horror right?

I don’t want to go into too much detail, because it would ruin the book, but she shares the secrets of her life with an admirable nonchalance and irresistible dry humour that will have you gasping and laughing aloud at her audacity.

Last week was a pretty rubbish week for me, my health hasn’t been too good and I had a few issues at work, but nothing compared to the horror of being told I was fat, by a random bloke who walked into me when I nipped out to get a sandwich. When I say he called me that, let me clarify that he walked smack into me, nearly knocking me over, and then refused to apologise. When I called him out he shouted loudly that it was my own fault because I was “a bit fat”

I then spent the last week feeling like I couldn’t possibly blog or film any YouTube videos, because I was hideous. My husband spent the last week telling me I was beautiful, but it didn’t make me feel any better. No one has been able to verbalise the feeling of being told you are less than worthy by a complete stranger, and having that judgement affect you more than all the positive things you hear from loved ones, until I read Brittany’s book.

Image ©msstephanimichelle
Image ©msstephanimichelle

“Fat Girl Walking” follows Brittany from childhood, through losing her virginity, getting married, and motherhood, to her current status as a role model for plus sized women. She is completely outrageous; I have been sat giggling away all afternoon. My favourite section of the book was an excerpt of emails between Brittany and her husband about such diverse subjects as grocery shopping, gift buying and sex dolls. Seriously.

Anytime I start to think mean thoughts about myself I am going to hop over to Brittany’s blog, or pick up this book; this woman is amazing, I feel empowered and just in awe of her bravery at putting herself out there for the world to see, warts and all. Plus the girl rocks a bikini; I have a complete girl crush on her now. Go and buy it.

Let me know your thoughts, and any recommendations for similar books; it’s time for us women to support each other and celebrate our bodies and selves. I feel really lucky that my subscribers and instagram friends have been so supportive and have welcomed me into this community, it makes me sad that there are people out there who use these forums to put people down.


Stephanie Xxx


4 thoughts on ““Fat Girl Walking” by Brittany Gibbons (A.K.A. Brittany Herself) Book Review

  1. Embrace yourself my dear. Ignore the haters. As I’ve always told my son, people who hate on you are merely jealous of you. Move right along and carry on being fabulous! ♡ Melanie


    1. I think it’s one if those things it’s easier to say to other people than yourself. If anyone said something like that to a friend I would be outraged, but when it’s addressed to you, it’s really easy to believe the bad things. Of course I thought of about ten comebacks an hour later 😊

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