Low End/ Highstreet (Drugstore) Makeup Tutorial; Bronze Eyes & Peach Lips


I used my Boots Advantage Card points to buy the Maybelline The Nudes palette (because, hello, palette obsessed); I really like this palette, so I decided to do a makeup tutorial using (mostly) my low end makeup products. I wasn’t planning on doing that much day, so I went for a bronze eye and light peach lip; you know, because it’s summer…apparently.

Please click on the video below to watch the tutorial. I will also list the products used and break down the steps, in case you can’t watch the video; I know it’s sometimes not convenient to watch a video. High end products will be marked with a *, you don’t have to use all the same products, use whichever products you have in similar shades.

drugstoreallProducts used:

  • *Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-in-Oil in Peach Me Love – £23.50
  • *Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/ Medium £18.50
  • *Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Primer (sample) – full size £20.50
  • Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette £9.99
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory- £8.99
  • Rimmel Match Perfection Illumnating Concealer in Ivory -£5.99
  • Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blusher in Pinched – £7.99
  • Rimmel Sun Shimmer in Light Shimmer – £5.61
  • MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter £3
  • Soap & Glory Glow All Out Luminizing Face Powder – £11
  • Rimmel Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara – £8.99
  • Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen £6
  • Maybelline Colour Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipstick in Peach Poppy

Drugstore brushes usedBrushes used:

  • (1) Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (Starter Kit £15.95)
  • (2) Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (Starter Kit £15.95)
  • (3) Shadow Brush (not sure where this is from)
  • (4) Shadow Brush (from Amazon set)
  • (5) Small Shadow Brush (don’t know where this is from)
  • (6) Angled Shadow Brush (Soap & Glory Set no longer available)
  • (7) Real Techniques Buffing brush (Core Collection £21.99)
  • (8) Real Techniques Detailer Brush (Core Collection £21.99)
  • (9) Real Techniques Sculpting Brush (£9.99)
  • (10) Face Powder Brush (from Amazon set)
  • (11) Angled Brow Brush (Starter Kit £15.95)
  • (12) Pointed Foundation Brush (Core Collection £21.99)

Maybelline The Nudes copyStep-by-Step Tutorial

  • Step 1 – Prime lips with a lip balm; I used the YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil in Peach Me Love because I has ridiculously dry lips after my coldsore attack last week, but you can use any lipbalm.
  • Step 2 – Prime your eyelids; I used Benefit Stay Don’t Stray, but you can use any eyeshadow primer.
  • Step 3 – Use a big eyeshadow brush (1) to apply the cream eyeshadow (1) my entire lid, up to the browbone.
  • Step 4 – Use a crease brush (2) to lightly apply the fawn shade (2) into the crease; use half circle motions going back and forth to deepen the shadow to the desired shade. Then use a clean shadow brush (3) to blend it out.
  • Step 5 – Use a shadow brush (4) to apply the gold shade (3) to your eyelid.
  • Step 6 – Use a small shadow brush (5) to apply the bronze shade (4) to the outer half of your eyelid; try to apply this in a v shape, pointing outwards. Then use the shadow brush you used to apply the gold shadow (4) to blend it out.
  • Step 7 – Use an angled shadow brush (6) to apply a mix of the black shade (5) and the fawn shade (2); apply this to the very outer corner in a v shape. Then use the clean shadow brush (3) to blend the dark shade towards the middle.
  • Step 8 – Use the small shadow brush (5) to reapply the bronze shade (4) to the centre of the eyelid and use the clean brush (3) to blend it out.
  • Step 9 – Use a brow gel to shape, set & tint your eyebrows; I try to brush mine up & away from my nose.


  • Step 10 – Prime your face; I know, I know, what does primer really do? I use the Rimmel Stay Matte primer, as I have oily skin; this isn’t really effective on my nose, but the rest of my makeup stays in place a lot longer. Use whichever primer is best for your skin type.
  • Step 11 – Apply your foundation; I use a buffing brush (7) to buff the foundation (I’m using Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation) into my skin using circular motions.
  • Step 12 – Use a concealer to cover any blemishes, imperfections or dark circles. I’m using Rimmel Match Perfection and a detailler brush (8) to blend; you can blend the concealer by lightly patting with your fingers if you don’t have a concealer brush.
  • Step 13 – Apply eyeshdow primer to the bottom lashline, then use shadow brush (4) and the gold shade (3) along the bottom lash line.
  • Step 14 – Then use a small shadow brush (5) and the bronze shade (4) from half way along the bottom lashline to the outer lashes. Use the shadow brush (4) & any remaining gold shadow on the brush to blend the transition between the gold & bronze shades.
  • Step 15 – Use an angled brush (6) & a mix of the black (5) and fawn (2) shades to deepen up the outer lower lashline; blend upwards towards the upper lashline with the clean brush (3); deepen up the outer v of the upper lashline if needed using Step 7 again.
  • Go back over brows again with brow gel if required (i have very light eyebrows) – Step 9.
  • Step 16 – Apply a cream blush in a neutral peach shade to the apples of your cheeks (smile if this helps); I’m using Revlon PhotoReady Blush in Pinched and I applied it with my fingertips. Only apply a little bit at a time and blend out with your fingers, adding more if you need to; it is easy to add a little more blush, but difficult to take it off if you have applied too much (No one wants to look like Aunt Sally).
  • Step 17 – Apply a light bronzer to your cheeks, temples and jawline to contour & warm up the face; I’m using Rimmel Sun Shimmer and a sculpting brush (9). Suck in your cheekbones and lightly apply! If you add to much use a face powder brush (10) to blend it out.
  • Step 18 – Use a light reflecting face powder to give your skin a healthy glow, and set your foundation/ concealer; I’m using Soap & Glory’s Glow All Out & a face powder brush (10).


  • Step 19 – Line your eyes (I find eyeliner pens easier to use); start at the inner corner of your upper lashline and draw a thin line along your upperlashes to the middle of your eyelid; then start at the outer corner of your lashline and draw a line along your lashes to the middle of your eyelid. Starting right at the outer corner slightly extend the line towards your eyebrows; use a very light hand. Go back & and thicken the line towards the middle of your eyelind and then make it narrow towards your inner eye. If you are not sure how to do this, watch the video.
  • Step 20 – Use an angled brow brush (11) to fill in your eyebrows; i used a mix of shades 2 & 6, but try to use the colour that is closest to your eyebrows. Use the brush to outline your eyebrows, and then use small strokes to fill in the middle. This might take a few passes before your eyebrows look even; mine are quite patchy in some areas. If the powder isn’t sticking try adding a bit more brow gel, wait a couple of minutes and then go back over the problem area.


  • Step 21 – Apply mascara; I’m using the Rimmel Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara. You can curl your eyelashes first; this mascara is supposed to give a wide/ open eye look, so I skipped that step to see what the mascara is like on its own.
  • Step 22 – Use a pointed foundation brush (12) to apply highlighter to your cheekbones, inner eyes, and nose; you can also use it lightly down the centre of your nose if you wish. I am using MUA’s Undress Your Skin which is a powder (and much, much, much cheaper) dupe of Benefit’s High Beam.
  • Step 23 – Apply lipstick; apply straight from the bullet, and you’re done! I used the Maybelline Rebel Bouquet in Peach Poppy.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe.




1 6 5 2 3 8 7 10 11 9 12 14 13 15 16


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