Shoe Disappointment

I made a bit of an impulse buy on Saturday (online shopping is too easy), and decided to get some flat gladiator sandals from River Island. I am a lady who likes her heels, but I like to keep them looking pristine; no one wants to ruin their shoes on the walk to the office. i live in the North West of England, the weather is usually awful and my heels are too cute to get muddy. I’m not terribly convinced by the gladiator sandal trend, but it doesn’t seem to be going away. I find it really difficult to find pairs that look chic yet comfy, but don’t look like the sandals old men would wear. Over socks. Know what I’m talking about? The pair I found are black with a gold trim detail, and are an absolute bargain at £18.

Black gold trim gladiator sandals £18. Image from
Black gold trim gladiator sandals £18. Image from

The idea was that the sandals would be delivered today (I paid £5.95 for the privilege), so that I could wear them for work tomorrow. I filled out the delivery info, put a note on to deliver to my neighbours incase I had to nip to the shop and went to bed dreaming of pretty things. When I woke up this morning I checked my email and all of my positivity went out of the window; the courier River Island were using to deliver my package was Hermes. I got a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, that today would not be a magical day in which shoes would be delivered.

Whenever Hermes “delivers” a package to me something goes wrong; the package is late, it goes missing, is damaged, or is left in a really inappropriate place. When I was working away last month I had some makeup delivered to my mum’s house; at noon I received a message saying that the package had been successfully delivered to a secured porch. My mum doesn’t have a porch; the parcel was left on her front doorstep.

Today has been tense; I have checked the Hermes tracking information at least 100 times. At 9am when I first checked and saw a note saying “received by carrier – no elec advice” I knew the gits weren’t going to deliver my parcel. at 11.05 it said my parcel was out for delivery; I started to think that maybe I had wronged Hermes when I told my husband that I might as well have asked for a unicorn to deliver my shoes. Every hour I checked the tracking info, and as it got closer to 5pm I began to lose hope. I checked every half hour from 5pm.

At 8 o’clock the information was updated to say that re-delivery would be re-attempted tomorrow. Re-attempted. As in an attempt had been made. LIES. The lazy bugger who was charged with delivering my parcel had it from 11.05, and clearly wanted to knock off early. Now, the thing about next day delivery is that the couriers usually work from say 8am-8pm: if you email to ask where your parcel is at 5pm to check it is still being delivered, chances are that the retailer will say they can’t do anything until after 8pm; you know it’s not going to be delivered, and so do they, the whole thing is absurd.

In these times when you can access pretty much anything from your mobile phone, they still manage to lose things like parcels. I sent an email to River Island to complain, but their customer services department doesn’t work today. That’s £5.95 wasted. I guess I’ll have to wear my trainers tomorrow.

Let me know your experiences with River Island & Hermes in the comments.


Stephanie Xxx


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