Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Image from @urbandecay instagram.
Image from @urbandecay instagram.

Oh good grief I am beyond excited about this palette! If you are a beauty addict like me, you will probably have seen the Urban Decay Naked Smoky promo pictures and videos on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and exploding onto the bloggersphere! If you haven’t, I will share the link to the video at the end of this post. I have bought most of the Naked products that have been released so far; Naked1, 2 & 3, Basics 1 & 2… I even bought the Naked on the Run palette, except that I hated it, and passed it on to my sister (but I won’t go into that now, you can read my review here). I also have 2 of the Vice palettes, the Pulp Fiction limited edition set and numerous individual UD products; the bottom line is, I am a huge fan of Urban Decay makeup, as well as having a passion for collecting eyeshadow palettes, so it is pretty much guaranteed that I am going to buy this palette.

Image from @urbandecay instagram.
Image from @urbandecay instagram.

Just look at that packaging, the smoky deliciousness of it! The shades in the palette are a gorgeous mix of cool greys and warm browns that scream smouldering eyes, well, they do to me any hoo; but enough of this babble, what does this palette include? Word on the blogs is that the shades included will be*:

  • High Champagne – shimmer with micro-glitter (New)
  • Dirtysweet- Medium bronze (New)
  • Radar – Metallic taupe with iridescent micro-glitter
  • Armour – Metallic silver-taupe with tonal sparkle
  • Slanted – Light metallic gray (New)
  • Dagger – Medium charcoal with micro-shimmer (New)
  • Black Market – Jet black satin
  • Smoulder – Deep plum-taupe (New)
  • Password – Cool taupe matte (New)
  • Whiskey – Rich brown matte (New)
  • Combust – Soft pink-taupe (New)
  • Thirteen – Light beige satin (New)

The palette will also include a new brush; a Double sided Pencil & Crease Brush. The idea behind the Naked palettes eagerly awaited fourth outing, is to have all the shades necessary for a neutral smoky eye in one handy palette. As usual, the U.S. gets the Naked Smoky first (booo); it will be available from Urbandecay.com on 8th July, and Sephora from the middle of July. The price for this palette will be $54, which is also the price for the first three Naked palettes. Urban Decay haven’t confirmed the date for the UK release yet, but have said it will be sometime in August; I may end up getting this from Sephora, as patience is not my virtue! The UK price has also yet to be confirmed, but based on the U.S. pricing I would assume it will be £38, which is the current price for the first three Naked palettes (they have increased by £1 recently, bloody inflation). This palette will be a permanent addition to the Naked line, but the teaser info on the UD website states that it will launch in limited quantities, and there is a sign up box to receive a notification email about the launch. I believe there was a similar premise for the Naked on the Run palette. I’m not sure what happened with the U.S. launch of Naked on the Run, but it didn’t sell out in the UK, and it’s still available now, so I’m not going to panic about the Smoky palette; I mean, I’ve signed up to be notified, because I have a serious eyeshadow palette addiction, but I’m relatively confident I’ll be able to get my hands on this palette, unlike the Naked Vault fiasco of 2014 – 60 sets, seriously Selfridges, what were you thinking? But I digest**.

Do you need this palette? Probably not. Will you want it? Of course you will.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments – will the Naked Smoky palette be a yay or nay? Also what do you think of the spelling? Smoky or Smokey?


Stephanie Xxx

*Shade info from Temptalia and Cosmopolitan.

**Blue Harvest reference anyone?


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