Lazy Sunday; Sunday Routine


I love Sundays; as I travel a lot during the week, I like to do as little as possible on Sundays.

I usually do the following on Sundays:

  1. Have a nice lie in.
  2. Go for a long walk.
  3. Play video games with my husband (this weekend it’s Witcher III).
  4. Give myself a manicure and pedicure.
  5. Do a face and hair mask.
  6. Have a nice long bath and catch up on my favourite YouTuber’s videos.
  7. Play with Mildred, my house rabbit.
  8. Watch a horror film with my husband.
  9. Catch up on my reading – I have a kindle, which I use a lot during my commutes, but I prefer to read physical books when I’m at home. My husband bought me The Girl on the Train, can’t wait to start that tonight.
  10. Organise my clothes/accessories for the week ahead.
  11. Pack my laptop bag, charge my iPod and work phone ready for Monday morning.
  12. Order next week’s food (grocery) shop.
  13. Plan my blog posts/ YouTube videos for the following week.
  14. Make the packed lunches for Monday.
  15. Set out my breakfast things, as I have a super early morning, and I’ll forget to eat otherwise.

I said it was lazy, but looking at it I do quite a lot on Sundays; I like to be prepared for the week ahead (control freak).

What do you get up to on Sunday’s? Let me know in the comments.




©tishandfipsy Playtime with Mildred (instagram @mildredbunny)
©tishandfipsy Playtime with Mildred (instagram @mildredbunny)

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