Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review

As I mentioned in my May favourites video, I have been loving the Benefit Roller Lash mascara this month.

Roller Lash is £19.50 or $24. Benefit says:

Image from Sephora.
Image from Sephora.

A mascara inspired by hair rollers, this super-curling and lifting mascara gives a sexy, wide-eyed look. Its patent-pending Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush features tiny custom-designed hooks to catch, lift, and curl even short and straight lashes.

What it does:
Bye-bye, eyelash curler! Roller Lash not only lifts and super-curls, but this instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours, is easy to remove, and contains provitamin B5 and serine, known for their lash-conditioning benefits.

Research results: In a consumer panel survey of 31 women for 4 weeks:
– 97% said it visibly lifts lashes
– 87% said it gives long-lasting curl
– 94% said eyes look more wide open”

The mascara wand really does grab onto your lashes – it’s like Velcro or something, it feels weird but awesome at the same time.

This isn’t a volumising mascara, so if your look requires a mascara that you can use to build up lots of coats I wouldn’t recommend this mascara. Roller Lash looks best with 1-2 coats max; if you want to do two coats, you need to apply the second coat whilst the first coat is still wet. The formula sets fairly quickly, and once it has there is no way you’re getting the mascara wand through your eyelashes. This mascara is like a curl and set for your eyelashes.

Picture of me wearing the Roller Lash Mascara - my hair went really fluffy this day for some reason. ©tishandfipsy
Picture of me wearing the Roller Lash Mascara – my hair went really fluffy this day for some reason. ©tishandfipsy

I would agree that my eyelashes are visibly lifted, that the curl does last for a good 12 hours (easily) and it does make my eyes look wider.

Benefit also claim that Roller Lash is easy to remove – I would say it is fairly easy, but I have found that there is still a bit of mascara residue under my eyes when I get up in the morning, even though I have removed my makeup before going to bed.

On the plus side, I didn’t get any mascara smudge under my eyes during the day (and as has been established in my previous whinges, I mean blog posts), I work loooong days.

In terms of the “lash conditioning” vitamins – not really noticed a difference (but seriously, does anyone monitor the softness of their eyelashes?..); this isn’t really something I’m bothered about though, so I’m not going to mark it down for that.

I actually prefer a look that defines my lashes rather than going for the false-lash effect (I hate spider leg lashes – know what I mean?), so this mascara is perfect for me. The packaging is so cute, and reminds me of when my grandma used to put my hair in rollers over night when I was little.

Overall I would give this mascara a score of 9/10. Roller Lash is pricey, but in my opinion it’s worth it.

Below is the link to my YouTube post about Benefit Roller Lash; it’s just over two minutes, and is a demonstration of the mascara in action and a mini review.

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3 thoughts on “Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review

  1. Have you heard of this 3D fiber mascara from Younique? I’m totally in love! The fibers are 100% black green tea fibers and you use it with their gel. It is $29 (23 in the UK), but it gives you the volume and length plus it has totally eliminated my need for a curler (no joke check out my blog and video here: Plus it lasts you 3+ months and comes with a fab case!
    This stuff is awesome (and if it doesn’t work out you can get a full refund no questions if returned within 14 days, 80% refund after 30-90 days)!


      1. Yea I wasn’t either till a friend let me try it out 🙂 I also figured their return policy was awesome enough if I didn’t like using it I could return it and get my money back. Thankfully I didn’t need to do that ;p


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