May 2015 Favourites’


It’s May Favourites time! How fast is this year going???

Follow the link below for my YouTube video (and find out extra stuff, like which product actually freaked me out upon reflection) or keep oooonnnn reading. If the products I have mentioned are still available I have put in a link that will take you to the item, to save you from googling yourselves into a frenzy; I know, I’m too kind.

1. Tarte Showstopper Palette


This palette is so pretty; it has a faux snakeskin embossed pattern in a gorgeous deep aubergine colour. The trim and inner case are gold. It is just lovely and elegant. The palette is priced at $38 and contains:

– 6 x 0.04 oz Amazonian clay eyeshadows in Showstopper Copper (bronze copper), Go for the Gold (gold), You’re a Natural (nude), Steel the Scene (steel taupe), Rose to the Top (rose gold) and Dim the Lights (black brown)

– 0.21 oz Amazonian clay blush in Fame (warm peach)
– 0.14 oz Amazonian clay matte waterproof bronzer in Park Ave Princess™
– 0.14 oz Amazonian clay highlighter in Champagne Pink

I adore this palette; it is so handy for travelling, it is the perfect size to fit into my Vice 3 makeup bag with the necessary brushes, bb cream, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick, but that is literally all I am taking with me. The actual compact is beautiful. The cons are that the product names were printed on a plastic insert, rather than on the palette itself (mine fell out during my second use of the palette, and is now touring the UK on a Northern Rail train); the other is that in my opinion, the palette would have benefitted from a deeper mid-tone matte eyeshadow shade in the mix The two mid-toned shadows are both metallic, which limits the looks which you can create in my opinion. They are both beautiful shades though, in fairness.

2. Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette


The weather here in the UK is rubbish (I’m in the North West) but I don’t  care, I’m breaking out the bright colours, summer be damned! I still don’t know when this is being released in the UK; I couldn’t wait for it, so I bought mine from sephora, and I have been having a marvellous time using it. My favourite colours are the turquoise shade Blue Raspberry,the shimmery deep purple/blue shade Sugared Violet, and the orangey-peach shade Macaron. A few reviewers said that Macaron wasn’t very pigmented, but I haven’t had any problems with this shade. The palette cost $36 and contains:

– 3 x 0.07 oz Eye shadow in Rock Candy, Strawberry Ice, Peach Fuzz
– 6 x 0.03 oz Eye shadow in Macaron, Malted Milk Ball, Sugared Violet, Blackberry, Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry

The packaging is just adorable. I love the little macaron print, everyone I have shown this palette to has gone “awww”. I would say that the con is that this palette isn’t for the faint hearted – there are few neutral shades in this palette (3 really and 2 of those are glittery). That’s it. I love this palette and defy anyone else not to – it would be like not liking puppies and rainbows.

3. Too Faced Melted Metal in Debutante

Too Faced Melted Lipstics L to R: Metal Peony, Debutante, Dreamhouse, Metal Violet, Coral and Violet. ©tishandfipsy
Too Faced Melted Lipstics L to R: Metal Peony, Debutante, Dreamhouse, Metal Violet, Coral and Violet. ©tishandfipsy

Again, not sure when this is out in the UK – I ordered mine from Sephora. This is a liquified liostick, not sure about how long it’s supposed to last, but I get a couple of hours wear out of it before I need to reapply it.

This has a lovely shimmery finish, it’s not quite metallic, more frosted, but it’s very pretty and the colour is a lovely soft apricot.

This lipstick was $21. I would say that the cons are that a) this is definitely not a long-wear lipstick, it doesn’t last as long as the original melted lipsticks, also the consistency is a lot thinner, and b) that there is a lot of transfer with this lipstick. It gets everywhere.

When I first bought them I regretted buying both the peony and debutante as they were very similar, but after wearing them a few times I can see the difference, and definitely prefer Debutante.

4. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara


This has been my go to mascara this month – it defines my lashes without making them look cakey or over made up. This is a lengthening mascara rather than volumising; if you are looking for a mascara that you can use to build up lots of layers, then this isn’t the mascara for you.

This mascara looks best with 1-2 coats, which have to be applied whilst the mascara is still wet, as when this mascara sets, your lashes cannot be moved.

There is a noticeable curl to my lashes when I use this mascara, and I really love the effect. I also really like the packaging; the rubberised pink wand feels really nice and is like a squishy perm curler. It gets extra points for inspiring nostalgia, I’ll never forget my first perm and the six weeks afterwards, when I was nicknamed “mop head” by the boys in my class. This cost £19.50.

5. L’oreal La Palette Nude – Beige


I did a review on this palette a few weeks ago, and I really didn’t like it; however the eyeshadow I usually use to fill in my eyebrows has hit pan (why can’t you release Naked 2 as an individual eyeshadow Urban Decay??).

I have discovered that two of the medium shades from the middle of the palette are very similar to this eyeshadow, so I have been using it for my eyebrows everyday this month.

This palette was £14.99 – I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying it, it has a couple of shades that perform alright, but it’s not brilliant. The beige palette is better than the rose palette. I am happy that I’ve  found a use for it.

6. Dior Vernis Rouge 999


This is a beautiful nail polish, the red is bright, the formula is super and very shiny; I wore this non-stop for 2.5 weeks. Love it. It was £17, so it’s a bit pricey, but worth it.

7. Essie Turquoise & Caicos

Image from
Image from

Every summer I seem to become addicted to turquoisey-blue things; nail polishes, necklaces, any accessories really. I found myself drawn to this shade whilst idly browsing in Boots on my break, and even though it was a terribly overcast miserable day, I just had to buy it. It reassured me that the nice weather was on its way (it has to be -we’re nearly in June for God’s sake). This polish was £7.99.

8. Necklace -Accessorize

Here is a picture of me wearing the necklace, looking massively impressed whilst I wait for my curls to set. ©tishandfipsy
Here is a picture of me wearing the necklace, looking massively impressed whilst I wait for my curls to set. ©tishandfipsy

I got this last year and it was £29.99 – I wore it pretty much every other day; I freed it from the limbo land of my jewellery storage pouches last week, and have been wearing it non-stop.

I tried to see if the had any similar ones in the current collection (because I’m nice like that) but they don’t; sooorrrrreeeeeeey.

It may be possible to pick one up on eBay; I picked up loads of last season Zara necklaces that way. when they sold out in the stores last year. When using eBay you do have to look out for dodgy sellers though.

9. Earrings -Topshop

The pair that made it into my favourites are the gold dangly ones in the middle with the interesting shapes. ©tishandfipsy
The pair that made it into my favourites are the gold dangly ones in the middle with the interesting shapes. ©tishandfipsy

Again, these are no longer available; I picked them up in Manchester last month when I was getting my hair done (along with six other pairs, I had a bit of an earring obsession last month).

They were approx. £10. I could probably spend my entire salary on Topshop jewellery; looking at the picture on the left, you could believe that last month I almost did.

I think I bought about 8 pairs of earrings last month; it’s probably because I went so short with my hair, I liked the contrast between the short (for me) hair and dangly earrings.

10. Sweet Blackberry Memories – Treacle Moon

Image from
Image from

This is a yummy fruity bath/ shower gel. I have used probably half of the bottle in a couple of weeks, as you can tell from my video thumbnail picture.

If you like fruity bath stuff give it a whirl. I really like Treacle Moon products and the lovely, funny little things that they write on their packaging. Seriously, there is something about a gnome who tests the products for them (they are clearly all barking mad in the most entertaining fashion possible).

I think this is a limited edition scent, so if you are going to get it you’d better grab it quickly! It was £2.99 but was on offer at Tesco for £1.99 at the time that this blog was posted.

11. The Bodyshop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask

Image from
Image from

I have been on the look out for a really good moisturising mask to use after my deep cleansing masks.

I usually slap this on before I go to bed, and it leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft.

The directions state that you should apply it liberally, leave it to sink in, and then tissue off any residue, but I just leave it to sink in over night and use a gentle exfoliator in the morning.

It was £13 but I have a members card, so it was £7 with the discount. I will definitely repurchase this when it runs out.

12. Batiste Floral & Flirty Flush

Image from
Image from

This is a dry shampoo – I bought it last year but rarely used it, as it was very noticeable in my red hair, however now that I have gone a lot lighter it isn’t noticeable when I am using this product; before there would be a horrible powdery residue in my roots. It did not look good.

As I have colour treated hair I try to go for as long as possible between washes (which sounds disgusting),  but if you have dyed copper hair the colour fades really quickly. Using this dry shampoo has helped extend the life of my colour. It also doesn’t feel gross when I’m using this dry shampoo – sometimes you can just feel that there is loads of product in your hair – know what I mean?

I bought the large sized can – I think it’s 400ml – and it must have been in offer when I bought it, because it was around £3, but this size is usually about £5.

13. Aldo Ybuvia Neon Yellow Court Shoes


I fell in love with a similar pair of shoes from Kurt Geiger last year, but they sold out before I could get my hands on them, sob. These are so bright, you have no idea. I wore these all last week for work, and let me tell you, it is not easy to start wearing 4 inch heels when you have been wearing platforms. It sounds silly, because most platforms are between 5-7 inches high, but without that nice little 1-2 inch platform it is a lot harder on your feet.

Heigh-ho, no pain no gain right? These are beautiful, and although I am now completely confused about their vegan status (Asos said they were immitation leather, but when I received the shoes they said genuine leather), by the time I saw the discrepancy I had already a) lost my heart to them, and b) scuffed the heels and soles. These shoes were £60, which is a lot more affordable than this season’s Christian Louboutin version of the neon yellow heel. Bargainousness.

14. Topshop Festival Clubmaster Sunglasses

Image from polyvore
Image from polyvore

These are almost a dupe for the pair that were stolen during my holiday last year (I’m still grieving the loss); they were the perfect faux-tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses.

I contacted Topshop online and stores to see if they had any pairs left, but alas they had sold out. This pair is very similar, they were £16 and they are a balm I can apply to my sorely troubled heart (can you tell I’ve been at the Georgette Heyer’s again? What can I say, they bring out the inner Regency damsel in me).

15. Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk


This is the final favourite, I promise. I have done a full review on this book, which you can check out here; I will just reiterate that this is a lovely book, very funny, the characters are completely identifiable and you must buy it th’mediately. I’ve been in Rotherham today so I’ve gone all Yorkshire, apologies.

So, now just the usual bumph; The links on some of the product pictures are there because I am being helpful, I have no affiliations with any of the companies mentioned, and this video/post isn’t sponsored. All products were bought by me, which is why I was completely skint last month (worth it though).

Let me know your favourites this month, if you’ve used, coveted, begged, stolen (kidding) or borrowed  any of the items I’ve mentioned, or just any random thing you feel is pertinent to the post, in the comments below. Going away now to lie in a darkened room, as I have been awake 19 hours and it’s sending me a bit funny.

Cheerio Xxx


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