Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

Image from social
Image from social

I love lipstick, in my opinion you can never have too many. If I find a formula I like, I tend to buy several shades of that lipstick. I was quite interested in Revlon’s new Ultra HD lipsticks; I believe these were released in the U.S. in November last year, but they have only recently appeared in the U.K. The range of colours is good, and they are currently in the Boots 3 for 2 offer, so I picked up 6 last week. Thr promotional product information blurb on Boots says:

Break free of dull, muted shades and lace your lips in high-definition colour with NEW Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick. This advanced new lipstick formulated with Revlon’s wax-free high-definition gel technology allows for true colour clarity in one smooth coat. The secret is in the clear gel base that provides a weightless feel with a smoother, more even application than traditional wax-based lipsticks. Just one coat of the deliciously scented, silky, moisturising formula and lips are instantly enriched in weightless colour.


– True colour clarity without the heavy feel

– Clear gel base allows for a smoother, more even application vs a conventional lipstick

– Weightless feel

– Irresistible scent of whipped vanilla and creamed mango

– 14 trend-setting shades

– Upgrade to higher-definition clarity and colour with Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipstick.”

Now, I’ve read the information, and I’m a little confused by all the supposedly “HD” make up products being released recently, and wanted to find out from Revlon exactly what claims they are making about this lipstick. I asked Revlon what they meant by HD/ High Definition and this is how they responded:

“To address your inquiry, Revlon Ultra HD lipstick is a high definition color lipstick that gives you instant true color clarity with a weightless feel for a bold high definition look.”

I have just posted a response to Revlon, and I didn’t get a receipt confirmation, so I have copied my query below:


Please can you clarify what you mean by high definition colour? In TV terms it means a clearer, sharper, more lifelike picture. As lipstick is used in real life, I am struggling to understand if you are implying that these lipsticks are formulated to look better in pictures/ video footage, or if you are saying it stands out more in person than other lipsticks do. Please can you explain what this lipstick promises to deliver?”

I was planning on doing a review of these lipsticks today, but I don’t feel that I can fairly review this product if I don’t have a clear understanding of what it promises to deliver to the customer.

Does anyone else feel like the terms “HD” and “High Definition” are being bandied about by cosmetics companies with no real explanation of what the product does?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.





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