Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Review


I’m a lipstick hoarder; I think my penchant for lipsticks is actually taking over my eyeshadow palette obsession. I am constantly on the look out for lipsticks that will last all day. The last thing I want to be worrying about in a meeting is if my lipstick is still in place, but 9/10 times, that is what I’m thinking about.

Recently I bought 3 different brands of “long wearing” lipstick: Too Faced Melted, Stila Stay All Day and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I have posted a separate review on the Melted and Melted Metal lipsticks. The Stila Stay All Day lipstick is okay, it has quite a creamy texture, it lasted a few hours and I loved the colour (fiery) but it didn’t stay all day. Hands down the best long wearing lipstick I have ever tried is the Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick.

As per my previous post, you can watch my YouTube review of the product inserted below, and/ or read on.

Colour: there are 12 shades available, ranging from a dusty rose neutral to a deep burgundy. There will be 16 new shades released in July and *spoliers* I will be buying at least 10 of those. I originally bought 3 bright shades for summer: Backtage Bambi (vivid hot pink), A-Go-Go (bright orange-red) and L.U.V. (rich Violet). I liked them so much that I decided to get 2 everyday shades – Lolita (dusty rose) and Outlaw (brick red). The pigmentation of these lipsticks is incredible – they look exactly the same shade in the tube as they do on your lips; the orange shade is neon orange, you can probably see me coming from a mile away when I’m wearing this lipstick.

Left to right: Backstage Bambi, L.U.V., A-Go-Go, Outlaw and Lolita. ©tishandfipsy
Left to right: Backstage Bambi, L.U.V., A-Go-Go, Outlaw and Lolita. ©tishandfipsy

Texture/ Finish: these are matte lipsticks, they dry quite quickly and are the mattist (this should be a word- just saying) matte lipsticks I have ever bought. They can be quite drying; it does take some getting used to, but after you’ve worn them a few times you don’t really notice how dry they feel. I’ve tried Maybelline Superstay 24 colour  & Max Factor Lipfinity lipsticks; both of these are two step lipsticks with a liquid lipstick and clear balm. I found these really disappointing, as they promise “up to 24 hours of colour” but usually only last 4-5 hours. I find both of these drying, crumbly, and the balm (is it me or is this just Vaseline?) seems to make the colour come off more quickly. Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is a one step lipstick,   this does make it quite drying, but is also probably why it lasts so long.

Application: this lipstick has a doe foot applicator, I have a pronounced cupids bow, so I do find it quite difficult to fill in my lips accurately with some liquid lipsticks and glosses where the applicator is quite large, but I don’t have a problem with this applicator. If you want a really defined outline you may want to use a lipstick brush for the initial application, but I found the actual wand to be okay. My tip is to scrap off most of the product to do the initial outline and then fill in the outline afterwards. You don’t need to use a lot of product, so I tend to do a thin layer and then go over it again with another thin layer afterwards to make sure it stays in place.

I forgot to do a swatch of Backstage Bambi - I literally got up and swatched the lipstick, I only have a bit of mascara on so excuse the fresh face and bed head ha ha ©tishandfipsy
I forgot to do a swatch of Backstage Bambi – I literally got up and swatched the lipstick, I only have a bit of mascara on so excuse the fresh face and bed head ha ha ©tishandfipsy

Consistency: the consistency of the product isn’t too thick or thin, it’s just right. If you do need to top up your lipstick, it doesn’t go patchy or leave bumpy buts where you have gone over the previous application like with some long wearing lipsticks.

Smell: it has become commonplace to have scented lipsticks now, with mint and vanilla being the most popular scents; this lipstick doesn’t really smell of anything, not even a chemically lipstick smell. To me, the smell isn’t that important anyway, but in case anyone wants to know, now you do.

Longevity: the brand doesn’t make any ridiculous claims about the wear of the lipstick (seriously -who wants lipstick that stays in place for 24 hours?!?!) but it does claim to be long wearing. I work long days; I usually leave my house at 6am and don’t get home until 7-9pm depending on where I have been working that day (my life is sooo glamorous, not). My first lipstick application usually takes place on a bus or train, at around 7-8am. With the KVD lipstick I only have to touch up the middle of my lips once or twice during this period after eating or drinking a latte. When I’m just drinking water or herbal tea, I don’t really need to touch up after. There is NO transfer onto cups or glasses, which is almost unheard of. If you don’t believe me, check out my video for a live glass and finger transfer test. I also do this test with the Melted lipsticks in my swatch and mini review post. 

This is when I got home from work - I had a half day, so this is about 5pm. You can see that it has faded on the top lip, but it's lasted brilliantly. This was a one touch up day. ©tishandfipsy
This is when I got home from work – I had a half day, so this is about 5pm. You can see that it has faded on the top lip, but it’s lasted brilliantly. This was a one touch up day. ©tishandfipsy

Removal: so, you want a lipstick that will stay all day, not come off when you are eating or drinking, but  an be removed without taking your skin off at the end of the day.. It’s a pickle. usually when picking a lipstick you have to choose between one that will need frequent touch ups, but comes off easily when you need it to, or a long lasting lipstick that mostly stays in place, but you can’t get the bloody stuff to come off before bed. There is nothing worse than scrubbing at the patchey bits of lipstick that won’t come off when you just want to go to sleep; it usually comes off from the centre, but then you have random areas where the lipstick goes all crumbly and flakey, but still clings for dear life. Know what I’m talking about? I have to admit, there have been times I have just given up and gone to bed with bits of lipstick still there. With the KVD lipstick you need an oil based remover. This stuff does. Not. Move. The best thing I have found for removing it is plain Nivea Creme; I just slather it all over my lips, rub it in a bit, and then wipe off with tissue. This also leaves my lips feeling nice and moisturised.

*This lipstick needs oil for removal – if you eat something oily whilst wearing it, it will come off. Unless you are prepared to do a touch up stay away from Burgers, Fries, Bananas and Avocados when wearing this lipstick.

Price: these are $20, which worked out as £14 plus customs and shipping. The price of Stila lipsticks is £15, and Maybelline Superstay 24 lipsticks are £8.99, so the price is about the average for a high end lipstick. They are not cheap, but they work, so I am quite happy to pay this price. In my opinion these are absolutely worth the price.

Formula: the formula is vegan and cruelty free (yaaay), and is apparently infused with vitamins A, C and E, “for added hydration” – I do dread to think what the formula must have been like before, if this is now supposedly more moisturising, but as I said before, you do get used to the dry feeling, and as long as you apply lots of lip balm after wearing it, there shouldn’t be any adverse affects from wearing the lipstick.

Overall, this is the absolute best long wearing lipstick I have tried. I bought 2 more after my initial purchases because I was so impressed with them. And I plan on buying a lot more. July is gonna be a lean month in the Dragon household, lean, lean lean… I would give this a score of 9/10 or A just because it is quite drying. If you work ridiculous hours though, this is the lipstick you want in your bag.

Let me know your best & worst long wear lipsticks, and if you’ve tried the KVD liquid lipsticks in the comments.




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