New Do!

My new hairstyle. ©tishandfipsy
My new hairstyle. ©tishandfipsy

This was going to be my April Favourites post, but for some reason YouTube is taking over 24 hours to upload my video (yay); maybe it’ll be done by June…

My hair colour before - thie coppery red has faded a bit, as I was due a refresh. ©tishandfipsy
My hair colour before – thie coppery red has faded a bit, as I was due a refresh. ©tishandfipsy

If you follow me on Instagram (@tishandfipsy) you may already have seen that I have had my hair done today, and have gone for a colour change. Naturally my hair is a very mousy blonde (booooring). I change my hair colour quite frequently and have had pretty much every colour going (even green once, but that was an accident and we won’t talk about it).

I have always lived red hair – it’s beautiful and feisty, and really stands out. When I was at school most people wanted to be Buffy, but I wanted to be Willow; she was intelligent, cute and a bit quirky. Unfortunately I didn’t have access to a decent hairdresser in those days. I did mange to get some of those wash-in wash-out  temporary colour shampoos, but they were always a bit disappointing.

For the last 7 years (apart from a break in the middle when I went back blonde) I have had some form of red hair, and I have loved it, but I always felt that the light, strawberry blonde that my heart desired was unattainable. Whenever I have taken in pictures of the shade I wanted – Jessica from True Blood, Alexis from Castle- I have always come out with the same shade, a nice vibrant copper, but with my mousy colour underneath.

After the cleanse... ©tishandfipsy
After the cleanse… ©tishandfipsy

It has been my aim to have strawberry blonde for about six months now; my hairdresser has been very open with me and explained that I would have to get there in stages, so as not to completely wreck my hair. When we first started this process I had a home hair colour on my hair, so it needed to be cleansed before a colour could be applied. As the cleanse is quite harsh we then had to wait a few months before my hair could be lifted further, to prevent damage.

The first stage today was to cleanse my hair (I.e. remove the previous colour) and lift it to a yellowy blonde. After this I posted a pic and tagged in my husband, who replied “very nice dear”. 😂 He’s well trained. I’m so mean to him.

I have to admit that I did quite like the blonde, and I may go even lighter at a later stage. Whenever I have gone blonde in the past it has taken months to get it to a nice honey blonde; because I usually have a lot of red or copper in my hair it takes a while to get rid of the apricot hue. By the time I do get my hair to the colour I want it, I am usually bored of it, and constant bleaching leaves it in poor condition. This is usually the stage where I decide to go a completely different colour, and my poor hairdresser has an apoplexy.

Having my roots processed with the strawberry blonde (whilst pulling weird faces). ©tishandfipsy
Having my roots processed with the strawberry blonde (whilst pulling weird faces). ©tishandfipsy

After this, the new colour was applied. Charis, my hairdresser, put in a lot of copper to make it as bright as possible, and hopefully prevent it from fading out too quickly. It will take a few colours before my hair has the same copper tone as before, because the cleansing processs is quite harsh. In preparation I did lots of hair masks, and Charis said it seemed really healthy and in great condition.

Even after all the processing it is still really soft and shiny. My hair had also grown quite a bit (I put this down to all the avocado I have been eating), and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to grow it out, or have a slightly more dramatic cut. I decided to go for an above the shoulder bob, with the front section about an inch longer than the back.

I loved Charlize Theron’s hair in Aeon Flux, and this style is my less scary interpretation of that look. I may grow it out again in the future, but for now I am really liking short hair. It’s a lot easier to style. I have fine hair but lots of it, so when my hair was halfway down my back it was a bit of a ball ache washing, drying and styling it. My hair is also of the variety that likes to do a half arsed curl, but not all the same way. I frequently wake up looking like a bird has tried to build a nest in my hair.

Ta-da! Done. (This is Charis -hopefully spelling her name correctly). She is lovely, and a fab hairdresser. ©tishandfipsy
Ta-da! Done. (This is Charis -hopefully spelling her name correctly). She is lovely, and a fab hairdresser. ©tishandfipsy

The only issue I have with short hair, is when I’m having a “can’t be bothered to style my hair” day; with long hair it’s really is to just shove it in a ponytail, but when it’s short you do have to make some sort of an effort (I think this is why dry shampoo was invented).

I love my new colour; I have always wanted to be a redhead, and felt slightly cheated, as we do have a lot of redheads in the family. Hurrah for hairdressers!

Charis has said that even if I want to do another colour change she won’t let me, as it really suits my eyes and colouring. I have to say, now that I have got it the colour I have lusted after for years I can’t imagine ever getting bored with it.

Hope you enjoyed this, post, and my favourites post should be up soon.


Stephanie x


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