The Joy of Decorating

I have been such a bad blogger since Christmas; I have been pretty busy with work and decorating though, so I have a good excuse… Its not as though I’ve spent the last 5 weeks ploughing through the Forbrydelsen box set. Honest. If I had been watching Forbrydelsen, I would say that it’s nice to watch a program where the female lead wears lots of cosy jumpers in winter, like a sensible person would.

For the last few years my greatest wish has been to have a makeup room ( I’d love a shoe room as well, but that would probably be asking for too much). When I moved a few years ago, I found myself in that strange situation where, even though you’ve moved from a flat to a house, you seem to have less room in your new home. In fairness we previously lived in a Victorian house that had been converted into flats; it had high ceilings, large windows, big rooms… but it was ridiculously difficult to heat. Also, did I mention the damp?

I was rather heartbroken when we tried to fit our oversized Ikea bed into the teeny bedroom in our new home, and there was barely room for the (canvas, ramshackle) wardrobe, let alone the dressing table I had set my heart on. Just being able to pick out my clothes and put my makeup on became a massive chore each morning – mostly from trying to get clothes out of the wardrobe without it falling apart.

Over the Christmas period I decided that enough was enough; I dragged myself away from the tv and leftover mice pies, and made a plan to change things around, so that the bedroom was a functional space. Gone went the oversized bed; we now have a lovely standard double bed with a cream metal frame, which fits perfectly into the alcove in the room. I had great pleasure in dismantling the canvas wardrobe, which was on its last legs, without a doubt.

Unfortunately there was no room for a dressing table, but I found some lovely bedding in Next: it’s yellow & teal, with matching curtains. I love getting new bedding, it’s a great way to change the feel of a room without completely redecorating.

Ochre Floral duvet set & curtains from Next. Image from Next.
Ochre Floral duvet set & curtains from Next. Image from Next. Strangely, the bed is almost identical to ours, even though it wasn’t from Next ?

The latest collections in Next Home are so beautiful, I also picked out this gorgeous lamp. I am going to have to buy all new accessories over the next few months, as my previous colour scheme was pink and purple. I will do a post on the things I’ve got my eye on next week (there are many, many things I covet, so there may be a few posts…).

Teal Lamp and Shade from Next. Image from Next.
Teal Lamp and Shade from Next. Image from Next.

The wardrobe I chose was the Ikea Brusali wardrobe; I was a little bit disappointed when I opened the boxes, as the wardrobe looked solid white online, but is actually “shabby chic” white. Can I just take a minute to talk about Ikea instructions? Good gosh, they are just soooo frustrating! It’s almost as if they want you and your partner to spend 5 hours snarling at each other, whilst also causing bodily harm to yourself in the process. Would it kill them to include some written instructions? Or label the parts? I can understand that Ikea sells furniture to a lot of countries, who speak a variety of languages, but the little diagrams are so unhelpful.

After 3 hours, when we only had to put the top of the wardrobe on, it turned out that the initial section was supposed to be back to front, as we were supposed to be working so that the back of the wardrobe was facing up; this wasn’t clear until we went to put the top of the wardrobe on, and the dowels wouldn’t fit into the holes, because we’d put it together the wrong way round. We had to dismantle the whole thing and start from the beginning again. It was a fun afternoon, let me tell you.

IKEA Brusali wardrobe. Image from IKEA.
IKEA Brusali wardrobe. Image from IKEA.

After all the drama, when the wardrobe was finished and in place it looked beautiful. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to put your clothes away nicely, and pick out something to wear without loads of hassle. It sounds like a simple thing, but trust me, it feels fantastic.

IKEA Malm desk (used as a dressing table). Image from IKEA.
IKEA Malm desk (used as a dressing table). Image from IKEA.

As for the dressing table, my husband had been using the box room as his man cave, but needed more room, so we decided he could have the spare room, and I could turn the box room into my makeup room. It is a work in progress, but I finally have a dressing table! Yaaaay.

I will be sharing updates on my makeup room over the next few months, and will start my YouTube videos again soon.

P.S. This post is not sponsored, and any items I mentioned, are items I paid for (which is why I am going to be spending the next few weekends at home, watching box sets).


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Decorating

  1. Yay I can’t wait to see some pictures! I totally agree about bedding changing the feel of a room. Now that we’re getting closer to spring, I’m itching to find something more bright and fun myself!

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