Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a lovely time over Christmas (if you celebrate it) & the New Year; I have spent time with my husband and family, eaten & drank far too much, and gone on lots of lovely walks.

January is usually a time for reflection, with many of us making plans for the year ahead, often focusing on self improvement; I cannot count how many times I have spent the Christmas period gorging myself on junk food, only to spend January trying to eat as little as possible, and spending a lot of money on gym memberships and home workout DVDs (that I would use 10 times in the first month but would afterwards gather dust on my shelf until a charity shop clear out).

Last year I decided to break the cycle and swore I would not make any New Years resolutions about weight loss, and bizarrely I lost 43lbs; I think this was because I put my health first. I have been having serious issues with my health for a few years now, (which I won’t bore you about) and the never ending cycle of starvation diets and binge eating wasn’t doing me any good. My resolutions now are about positive changes that I can make, rather than about setting unacheiveable targets about my weight, which I will make myself miserable trying to reach.

This year I am making only one resolution, which is to be kinder to people (myself included); even if this means just talking to the person next to me on the train, instead of doing the “oh no a weirdo is trying to make eye contact, hide behind the kindle” thing.

We also have some new additions to our little family; Charles Carmichael and Sarah Walker the budgies.


Let me know in the comments what resolutions you have made for the new year and why!

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