“Jenny Lopez saves Christmas” by Lindsey Kelk Book Review


If you haven’t read Lindsey Kelk’s “I Heart” series I would really recommend it; the books are funny, the characters loveable and even though the heroine gets herself into some really crazy situations, you can almost see them happening in real life. I love Lindsey Kelk; her books are really funny and touching (my favourite is the stand alone “The Single Girl’s To Do List”), and her conversational writing style makes you feel like you the characters are old friends. Lindsey Kelk herself seems to be such a lovely person – I follow her on social media, and she grew up a few miles away from me (I think we nearly went to the same school), so I love the fact that someone from my hometown has been so successful. Good on you lass!

“Jenny Lopez saves Christmas” is a kindle novella told from the perspective of the “I Heart” heroine Angela’s best friend, Jenny Lopez. If you haven’t read “I Heart…” New York, Hollywood, Paris, Vegas, London or Christmas then SPOILERS!!

Jenny seems to be on a bit of a downer – she’s still single, getting older,  worrying about her biological clock and (the bane of my existence) fine lines; Jenny seems to be doing well in her career, but worries that a rival may be winning pitches from under her nose. It’s really interesting seeing things from La Lopez’s point of view; in the ‘I heart’ books she is seen from Angela’s perspective, and seems to be a confident, stylish, secure woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. Basically she kicks arse. Part of me feels a bit sad that under the surface Jenny is just as insecure as Angela, but I also think it’s a true reflection of a modern professional woman; there is a lot of societal pressure to “have everything” – a career, a family and to look a certain way- and this can be a bit overwhelming. Getting some insight through Jenny’s inner monologue makes me admire her character more, as she has the same doubts and insecurities as everyone else, but she just gets on with things. Love it.

The thing she has to get on with in this short story is “saving Christmas”; Angela is usually the champion of the Christmas spirit, but her husband Alex is away touring with his band and won’t make it back in time for Christmas Day. It’s up to Jenny to make this Christmas a magical occasion; roommate Sadie the Selfish Model (that’s her full name) is along for the ride and despite the fact that Jenny has never hosted Christmas before, can’t cook and has a last minute pitch to present (which is possibly the biggest opportunity of her career) she is confident that she will pull it off…famous last words! Throw in a one night stand, a power cut and a potential maniacal serial killer, and you have yourself a Lindsey Kelk story.

I really enjoyed this novella, I was a complete saddo and pre-ordered it last October, it was £1.99 on Kindle and well worth it. It also made me want to re-read “I Heart Christmas” so that I can re-experience Angela’s exuberance over the holiday season (it makes me feel better about getting giddy over Christmas when I’m in my thirties). Seriously – read it!

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