‘Teardrop’ by Lauren Kate Book Review


Waterfall, the sequel to Teardrop was released last week, and since its been a while since I read the first book I decided to have another read of it, before tackling the sequel. Teardrop is the start of a new series by Lauren Kate, author of the Fallen series; the film of the first book, Fallen, is due to be released in 2015. I really enjoyed the Fallen series (although I was really disappointed by the third book Torment), and was quite excited by the prospect of a new series.

Eureka Boudreaux was a normal 17 year old girl from Louisianna; captain of the cross-country running team, good student, she loves her friends Cat and Brooks, her divorced parents, her half brother and sister, and actively dislikes her step-mother Rhoda. Whilst on vacation with her mother in Florida, a freak wave collapses the bridge their car was  travelling across. Eureka survives the accident, but loses her mother. In the aftermath of the accident Eureka tries to cope with the physical injuries she received, but it is the emotional trauma that is having the biggest impact on her life; Eureka has lost interest in the activities that she loved before her accident, her father and stepmother are concerned that she is withdrawn and pushing away the people that she loves. Rhoda makes Eureka see a psychiatrist about her issues, but Eureka finds it difficult to open up, and finds comfort in her stoicism.

On the way back from seeing her psychiatrist Eureka’s car is hit by a truck driven by a mysterious boy, who says his name is Ander and claims to be a student from a rival school. Eureka is drawn to Ander, who seems familiar to her, but she cannot remember meeting him. Brooks instantly dislikes Ander, and becomes very protective of Eureka. Brooks and Eureka have always been close and even dated for a short period, but Brooks starts to behave very strangely, almost as if he is trying to provoke an emotional reaction from Eureka; one minute he is comforting her and the next he is lashing out.

Then at the reading of Eureka’s mother’s will, Eureka receives a letter from her mother and three strange items, including a book written in an unknown language. What is the purpose of the book? Why is Ander following a Eureka? Why is Brooks acting like a completely different person, and why did Eureka’s mother tell her to never, ever cry?

I really enjoyed this book, and the way that Lauren Kate uses elements from Greek mythology, and I will be starting the sequel over the weekend.

3 thoughts on “‘Teardrop’ by Lauren Kate Book Review

  1. Girl, I feel like you “touch” books and just soak up the content. LOL. Ok so I downloaded the audio of Blythewood to listen to on my drive to and from work (45 minutes each way) since I’m in the middle of a few I read at lunch and at home. It’s so good. I’m at the part where she is with Gilly heading to Blythewood 🙂 I’m totally taking all of your recommendations from this day forward!

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