Urban Decay Naked On The Run Update

Image from Urban Decay
Image from Urban Decay

I’ve already posted some information about Urban Decay’s upcoming newest addition to the Naked line, a portable all-in-one palette called Naked On The Run. All of the information on this upcoming launch has been around the U.S. launch, and it was rumoured to be a Sephora exclusive. Information released over the last few days suggests that Naked On The Run will be available online from 1st December and in Sephora stores from 4th December. This is all great news, if you live in the U.S. – British consumers, brace yourselves…

Earlier this week I contacted Urban Decay to confirm if this product would be made available in the UK; I was advised that the palette will not be released in the UK in December, and that there are no current plans for a UK release. I must admit that with all the faffing over Naked Vault this news broke my heart a little bit.

I have emailed Sephora to try and find out if it will possible to purchase the palette and have it shipped to the UK (some Sephora products can’t be shipped to the UK) and I will post an update when they come back to me. Fingers crossed!


2 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked On The Run Update

    1. Hi Amy, I just saw this today, how bizarre! I have emailed my contact at Urban Decay asking for clarification. I was told earlier this week that Naked On The Run would definitely not be launched in the UK next month and there were no plans to launch it in the UK at all. I know there has been a lot of interest on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook for it, so maybe the powers that be have listened. I will provide another update once they have come back to me. The other possibilities that occurred to me were that this could be a mistake, and the page was only supposed to be added to the U.S. site or that this is UD putting out feelers to see if a UK launch would be worthwhile.


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