Farewell my feathered friend; the loss of a family pet


Sadly we lost a member of our family on Friday; Pippin, our nine year old lovebird, had been suffering from a neurological issue for over a year. We thought we were going to lose him a number of times during this period, but each time he pulled through and was back to his happy little chirpy self. Even when a loved one has a protracted illness, it is always a shock when they lose their battle, and losing our little friend hit us quite hard.

The death of a pet can be quite a controversial issue; people who don’t have pets can’t understand the strength of the bond that develops. To the people who say “it was only a bird”, it can be quite difficult to express the depth of grieving; to me, Pippin was a part of my family, most of my daily routines involved him in some way. I have been working from home for a few months because of an ongoing health issue, so Pippin has been my constant companion. This weekend the house has seemed empty; not hearing Pippin tweeting hello when I walked through the door has been heartbreaking.

So I would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to my little friend; he was a happy quirky little fluff ball who loved Beef crisps, toast, hanging upside down, cuddling his blocks and ending everybody’s sentences with funny little noises. I am glad Pippin isn’t suffering anymore, but I will miss him.

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