Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection Review


I love a good special edition collection, so I had to treat myself to the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection; it’s a 5 piece collection consisting of an eyeshadow palette (£17.50), a Heavy Metal liquid eyeliner (£14), a lipstick (£15) a lipliner (£13) and a nail varnish (£10).

The collection pays tribute to several characters and scenes from Pulp Fiction, but the overall look is all Mia Wallace played by Uma Thurman, and inside the eyeshadow palette was a step by step guide on how to create the look.


First of all, I LOVE the packaging! The eyeshadow palette is so sleek and shiny. I like that on the lipstick and nail varnish the usual platinum/grey packaging is grey to fit the theme. Inside the outer packaging is all red, with images that seem to be gunshot holes, and a quote from the film.

The names for the eyeshadow shades picked from this quote, which is the speech by Samuel L Jackson’s character, Jules Winnfield, about the path of the righteous man. The shades are:

Righteous – This is an off-white/ cream coloured matte eyeshadow; the texture is quite smooth and it is very opaque.

Tyranny – My favourite colour in the collection and I hope it is released as a single colour. It is described as a warm matte brown, but it had an orangey terracotta twist when applied to my eyelids.

Vengeance – This shade had a satin finish, it is also a brown but it leans towards the cooler side, and is a bit greigey. It is a nice colour and works well as a crease colour but it’s not my favourite shade from the collection.

I got a bit confused by the names of the final two shades, because of the way they have been placed in the palette (more on that later) and the labelling on the outer packaging (which is different to the labelling inside the palette).

Top to Bottom: Righteous, Tyranny, Vengeance,  Anger (black) and Furious (white).
Top to Bottom: Righteous, Tyranny, Vengeance, Anger (black) and Furious (white).

Furious is apparently the white highlighter shade, but in my video and picture I have labelled it as Anger, apologies for that. This shade is a satin, and is quite shimmery.

Anger is a black satin with some sparkly bits. I was a little disappointed in this shade, as I felt it was a bit difficult to work with, does have a slightly chalky texture, and has a lot of fallout.

On to my issues regarding the shadow placement; you don’t get as much product for Anger and Furious, which together take up one container in the palette. I do not like this. When makeup companies squish two shades into one space (usually diagonally), you just know that the two shades will inevitably become mixed into a muddy mess, that you will never be able to use again. It isn’t even the fact that you get less product for these to shades that is the issue, Anger is a black to be used on the outer v or as an eyeliner and Furious is the highlight shade, so you probably wouldn’t use these shades as much as the other three in the palette; my issue is that this is simply not user friendly. The same space could have been used to make 2 slightly small pans for the shades to be stirred individually. Okay, rant over.

The Heavy Metal eyeliner in the shade Gunmetal is just fabulous- there is no other way to describe it. It is possible to use a thin layer to give your eyes a pop of sparkle, or you can build it up if you fancy looking bling-tastic.

Top to Bottom: Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Gunmetal, Revolution Lipstick & 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil, both in Mrs Mia Wallace
Top to Bottom: Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Gunmetal, Revolution Lipstick & 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil, both in Mrs Mia Wallace

The lip liner, lipstick and nail varnish are all called Mrs Mia Wallace, and are a beautiful deep blood-red colour, although the nail varnish does look a couple of shades darker in comparison when actually on the nails. The lip liner is easy to apply and definitely extended the wear of my lipstick, although it did feel a bit drying after a while. The lipstick feels very moisturising and is lovely and glossy. I don’t like the shape of Urban Decay lipsticks, but that isn’t specific to this collection. The nail varnish has a subtle gold shimmer, which is more obvious in the bottle than when on your nails, where it seems to enhance the colour and give it another dimension. The nail polish is fast drying; the brush is quite narrow, but I have narrow nail beds. Most nail varnish brushes are too large for me to use without also giving my fingers a makeover.

Urban Decay Nail Varnish in Mrs Mia Wallace
Urban Decay Nail Varnish in Mrs Mia Wallace

This eyeshadow palette is a must have if you are a fan of the film, but it is also a good portable neutral palette, versatile enough to create day or evening looks.

Thank you for reading this, below you will find the link to my YouTube post about this collection.




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